Just got a new laptop and have the same issue in 8.1 that I had in Windows 8 on my M6600. I'm a mobile IT person and work in many different offices.

In Windows XP / Windows 7, the OS remembered my external monitor configurations when I went between locations. (I'd plug in my external monitor for that location and all display settings would be working normally just as they were the last time I was there).

In Windows 8 and now 8.1, any time I go to a different location or even just boot up my laptop after leaving a location with external monitors, the display on my notebook is at a non-optimal resolution and I have to reset it.

Interestingly enough, the OS **sort of** remembers the monitors because when I go to one of my other locations and plug in those monitors, they show up as 'disconnect this display'. Once I select 'extend' for each of them and apply the setting, the OS remembers the positions that I last had the monitors at.

Anyone know of a way to make this just work plug and play? Third party app to manage the monitors?

Precision M6700
Intel HD 4000 Graphics / NVIDIA Quadro K3000M