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Win 8.1 preview problems

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    Win 8.1 64-bit

    Win 8.1 preview problems

    I have 64-bit Windows 8.1 Preview and like it much better than Win 8 but I have four problems with it:

    1. I play World of Warcraft, a game that requires the use of the mouse to do many things but Win 8.1 interprets those mouse movements as requests to open the desktop and move menus in from the sides. If I am in combat, I will get killed by the time I can get out of the sides and re-open the game.
    2. My preferred browser is IE but it displays some sites like Google and Rabbit-TV as mere postage stamp sized portions of a full page. I can use Firefox but many sites, including that of my employer, refuse to run on it.
    3. As a related issue, my course materials complain that I do not have any version of Windows Media Player installed and refuses to run the video portion of my lessons.
    4. I clicked on a permission to update some previously installed software. It was delivered via C-NET which also installed Reg Clean Pro nagware which is falsely complaining that I have viruses, Trojans and other non-existant problems with my computer. With Win 7, I would have been able to open the Control Panel and remove this pest but I can not find a way to do this with 8.1.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Windows 8.1

    I am running Windows 8.1 Preview without any of the issues you describe so I can only suggest the following:

    1. Download and install Classic Shell. Set the option to deactivate the corner prompts to fix this issue.
    2. (see item 4)
    3. Download VLC Media Player and that will fix this issue.
    4. Do a clean install from the Windows 8 Preview ISO

    Please just ignore my suggestions if they are not beneficial to you and just wait for someone else to chime in with an alternate fix strategy. Good luck.
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    1: Is this is a laptop with a touch pad or all in one with a touch screen? I Googled HP S5738z but it didn't show anything use full? On my laptop I can turn the edge swipes off in my track pad settings. It's in my Smart Gestures Settings. If you go to Taskbar and Navigation properties, under the Navigation tab you can turn off the hot corners. I've never had the problems you describe on my desktop PC where I use a trackball. On my laptop though the charms bar was always opening up do to inadvertent edge swipes. Once I turned those functions off all was good.

    2: There is a Metro IE and a Desktop IE, they look and work quite differently. I avoid the Metro IE and use the traditional full functioned Desktop version. I just put a shortcut/tile for it on my Start Screen and unpinned the Metro one.

    3: Not sure what's going on there? If you are looking at that material online maybe its because your in the Metro IE?

    4: Control Panel will show up under "Windows System" on the All Apps screen. Your rouge program may show up here too, but not on the main Start Screen. Typing control panel while on the Start Screen will find it for you. < I wasn't sure from your post if you couldn't find control panel or just couldn't find that rouge software in control panel. Once in control panel go to large icon view and then to Programs and Features. Then look for that rouge program(s).
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Win 8.1 preview problems
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