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Windows dimming with no regards to activity/inactivity

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    Windows dimming with no regards to activity/inactivity

    I've seen a lot of questions regarding this subject, and a lot of stupid answers that lead nowhere but to the end of the thread without any solutions, any progress or real help given. So here, as I try and contain my irritation as the window continues to constantly dim as I type this requiring me to click it so that I can type, I will make another thread in an attempt to find real solutions, real help, or any intelligent tips or advice whatsoever.

    As mentioned above, the problem is really simple. Windows, of all kinds, my file explorer window, my Google Chrome window, any window that I bring up, is prone to dim- at the top, as if it were made inactive by clicking something else. Not the screen. Only the windows. And only the window you're working on.

    I personally use Windows 8, I installed to the latest chrome. I don't use internet explorer, I've removed extensions, I did a system restore. Yes I noticed a lack of the problem initially, I did install programs, the same programs that I've used for a long time now with absolutely no problems that I hadn't dealt with. Sure, that would lead someone to believe that the problem stems from one of the programs because the lack of the problem showing it's self until. Maybe. Makes absolutely no sense though.

    Anybody, have any insight at all? While this sits here, I'll be restoring my computer. Again. Because I'm incredibly OCD and frankly if the dimming doesn't cease, I will throw this laptop, through the glass window in front of me. It wouldn't be the first time.

    Thanks a bunch.

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    What you describe sounds like your windows are losing focus, causing the title bar to change from the active color to the inactive color. There are several threads in these forums on the subject, like the one linked below. If these discussions are the ones you describe as stupid then you probably won't find any help here.

    Not every problem can be definitively solved by fellow users in a group like this, many times they will only point you in the right direction, eg you may have an application or malware infection that is doing this to you. If the problem goes away for a time after a restore then either one of your programs are doing it or you are doing something that reinfects your computer.

    Mouse/Cursor/Typing problem

    Here is one I found searching google for "windows 8 loses focus":Every few minues I lose focus of my application - Browsers - Windows 7
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Windows dimming with no regards to activity/inactivity
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