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Multiple accounts on same Win8 machine - questions

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    Multiple accounts on same Win8 machine - questions

    I have two different Microsoft accounts on my Win8 machine, which is a laptop. One of them is an account I got from my ISP and has been in use for years but that one is disappearing in a few days (I think) because I cancelled my account with my ISP. The other account is one I created within the last couple of weeks.

    In transitioning to the new account, I'm finding it considerably more work than I expected and wonder if I am ignorant of some easier ways of doing things. For instance, I was surprised that the applications installed under the older account aren't visible under the new accounts. Is there an easy way to make them visible or do I really need to reinstall the same applications under the new account from scratch? For example, let's say I have a game like Taptiles on the old account and want it visible under the new account: do I really need to do a fresh install under the new account? Or is there an easier way to be able to play Taptiles from the copy I originally installed under the original account?

    Also, what is the easiest way to pass data back and forth between the two accounts? I did a copy within a file on the original account and switched to the second account to paste that information in and was disappointed to find that it was not possible. I ended up sending an email to myself then copied from the email on the newer account. It struck me that there must be a better way but I'm not sure what that would be.

    Also, with respect to XBox, some of the XBox games had accumulated fairly substantial scores as a result of playing the daily challenges. Is there any way to roll the scores from the old account into the new account, even though they have different "gamer tags" (the ID by which I am known when I play TapTiles or Mahjong or whatever)?

    I'd appreciate any advice people can offer on these matters.

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    Just copy the links from the old account to the new account, or try using Windows Easy Transfer between the old and new account.

    You can use the Windows Easy Transfer to transfer your profiles and settings to a new account:
    1. Go to Start type Easy Transfer Click Windows Easy Transfer in the search results.
    2. You will get a welcome message to Windows Easy Transfer. Click Next.
    3. Choose a different partition or internal hard drive, external hard disk or USB flash drive. Can't be the same drive you are transferring from (the "old computer").
    4. Select This is my old computer.
    5. Check the box before your current user account, and click Next.
    6. You can input a password if you want.
    7. Click Save to save the transfer file. The transfer file will be a single file with the extension .MIG. Please remember the location.
    8. Create a new account via Control Panel - User Accounts.
    9. Log off the current account and log on the new account.
    10. Open Windows Easy transfer again and click This is my New Computer.
    11. Choose "Yes, open the file" to navigate to the .MIG file.
    12. Check the box before your old account, then click the Advanced Options above the Transfer button, then you choose which user account you want to transfer.
    13. Click Save and Transfer. Now, you can see what are the files that were transferred.
    Test if everything works correctly in the new account now. If yes you can delete the old account via User Accounts.

    If not, please delete the new account via User Accounts. Go back to step 8, and repeat the step 9 and 10, then check the box before your old account, and click on the Customize button next to this old account, and uncheck the box before Windows Settings, then click the Transfer button.

    I seem to have lost the site this came from originally, sorry.
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    Even if the ISP account is cancelled, you can still use the credentials to log in. But for safety's sake I would change the Email Address associated with the account. Are the credentials connected to a Microsoft Account? Justy log into it and change the primary Email Address.
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    I've tried to change the primary address but got a message saying that I couldn't change the primary address due to restrictions by my ISP. I posted separately about that days ago and was advised to ask Microsoft about it at their forums. They suggested creating a new user account, which I did. But the cursor has started disappearing/freezing (started yesterday) making that account just about useless.

    Maybe I'll be able to change the primary account once the ISP cancels the account. Or not. I really don't understand what is going on in its entirety.
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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    Maybe you can change the account from the Administrator account. You might have to remove it. Log in to your Admin account, you will have to Un-Hide it, it will create a new Desktop for it's first use. From there, you shoudl be able to Edit the settings for that account.
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Multiple accounts on same Win8 machine - questions
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