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Please MS THIS would be a KILLER device

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    Please MS THIS would be a KILLER device

    Hi all
    In this whole PC vs Tablet nonsense I can't understand why MS doesn't make the following piece of hardware

    A fully functioning Stand alone tablet which can plug in to a standard PC case as a detachable screen so the tablet would then function when required as a perfectly "Bog Standard" PC.

    The tablet presumably when it's detached from the PC would run Windows 8.

    I've seen a sort of similar type of device from ASUS but as it only runs ANDROID it's not for me -- but a nice 10 inch (any smaller is too tiny for me) tablet which could plug in to the detachable screen area on a PC would get my vote at once.

    I can't actually understand why this type of device hasn't appeared yet.

    Kills two birds with one stone --and is a perfect application IMO for the upcoming W8.


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    I agree. I think the future of many popular computers will be in this sort of form factor, and I think Windows 8 is going to be a winner (if the implementation is good which so far looks promising). I am sure manufacturers will release such form factors with Windows 8, as I too like the thought of having a tablet PC to go and have it docked for when I want to use a keyboard (and perhaps a mouse at certain times - graphics work, etc).
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    How about this one. It is a bit different but the way to go: A Mobile Minute with the Motorola Atrix 4G’s Docking Options
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    I can't understand why MS doesn't make the following piece of hardware
    Well the reason why Microsoft hasn't made such a device...They are a SOFTWARE company. Well mostly a software company. But those devices would be made by other companies like Dell, HP for example.
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    By PC case are you talking about a laptop or desktop.
    Didn't Lenovo have that one tablet that could be plugged into a keyboard case with it's own ram, harddrive, x86 cpu, while the tablet itself had it's own hardware also?
    But yea this idea would be great. They're getting closer. The samsung series 7 tablet/slates will have i5s..but at a ulv clock cpu..
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Please MS THIS would be a KILLER device
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