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Power off issue

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    Power off issue

    I've installed StartMenuReviver which I find an excellent program. I've noticed that when I use the standard power off feature of the Metro interface that power is still present on (my) USB ports as witnessed by USB speakers still on and USB mouse still glowing (multi-coloured lighting inbuilt)

    IF I use the power off feature of the StartmenuReviver app then I truly power off; speaker on light goes off as does the lighting feature of the mouse.

    Obviously a complete shutdown is preferable so I turn off using the StartMenuReviver app. Is their a reason the Metro app doesn't fully shut down PC ??

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    I was always under the assumption that the Metro power-off honored the "choose what the power does" option; however, I could be misguided in that assumption. Anyway, I'll provide the first response and suggest that you make sure the following option is set as shown in your power management plan:

    Click image for larger version

    Very interesting...
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    I think that software might be overwriting something somewhere and causing your problem. I would uninstall that program and use the more likable and user friendly Classic Shell....a much better product/software and recommended.

    Classic Shell - Start menu and other Windows enhancements
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    Thank you both for your replies. The power options are quite definitive; shut down, sleep etc. so shut down should do what it says on the tin, I have a laptop running Window's 8 and installed the app on this. I connected a USB flash drive and a USB hard drive and tested shutdown with metro and app shutdown methods and absolutely no problem. Both device power lamps extinguish whichever shutdown method I use. I think this rules out app overwriting something.

    Still perplexed, I thought on desktop, speakers and mouse are plugged into back USB's so, connect flash drive and HDD to front USB's and test again.

    Using metro shutdown, front USB's lose power while back don't. Using app method both front and back lose power. Still perplexed but assuming issue might be due to PC build (?).
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    Alt/F4 on a blank desktop gives one the power options menu to scroll through. Just make sure you have all your work saved before choosing the shutdown option, although it should give you the option to do so before powering down.

    I use that sometimes, but frequently I just push the power button. I find that to be the simplest.
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    Still perplexed but assuming issue might be due to PC build (?).
    Not likely but there could be a power option in your BIOS that is causing this issue. I'm guessing the Metro shutdown honors 'power settings" in general; whereas, your app may just be initiating a hard shutdown. With that said, do the following:

    Check your Event Viewer Logs for an unclean/dirty shutdown log (can't remember the Event ID). If present, this is most likely cause by your app shutdown. Next, check you BIOS Power Management Options and see if you have anything like an S5 Power Maximizer Option present. If so, disable it and see what happens.
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    checked event viewer an se nothing that can b perceived as an unclean or dirty shutdown. Also, checked BIOS (ASUS) and can find fitting o similar to your description.
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    Quote Originally Posted by majestic100 View Post
    checked event viewer an se nothing that can b perceived as an unclean or dirty shutdown. Also, checked BIOS (ASUS) and can find fitting o similar to your description.
    Ok then. are you using an ASUS power manager or is Windows 8 doing the power management? If ASUS is set to manage the power, I would consider switching to allow windows to manage the power plan.
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    I think it may just be the difference between a Hybrid Shutdown, to prepare for Fast Startup, and a true old-school-turn-everything-off Shutdown.

    To explain.

    Windows 8 has a feature called "Fast Startup" (you can see it mentioned in the screenshot which my2cents posted) which is enabled by default.

    To make Windows 8 start faster, when you switch Windows 8 off, you aren't really switching it off.

    Instead, Windows 8 actually goes into a hibernation state, in which it hibernates some of the internal parts of the system memory by saving them to disk. Then when you switch on, it un-hibernates those parts (which is quicker than booting from scratch) and then loads the rest of the OS. It's not the same as a full Hibernation, as it still loads most of the OS; it's part hibernate, part boot, which is why the term "hybrid" is used below.

    I suspect that in this hibernated state, your hardware is still powering up some USB posts, due to the design of your particular hardware.

    You may like to test it by trying these two commands and seeing if the hardware behaves differently between the two. (Save your work first, then use WindowsKey-R and paste one of them in, then press enter).

    This is a full shutdown.
    shutdown.exe /s /t 03
    and this is a Hybrid shutdown, which is the Windows 8 default.
    shutdown.exe /s /hybrid /t 03
    My guess is that the 1st will behave like the StartMenuReviver, and the 2nd will behave like the Metro power option.

    If you want to turn Fast Startup off, you can do by unticking that option in the screen which my2cents showed.
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    Thanks for your replies. Interesting. I will try commands.

    Edit..........DavidY your absolutely correct! Thank you very much for the explanation which is spot on.
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Power off issue
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