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Restoring corrupt data on a PC DVD

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    Restoring corrupt data on a PC DVD

    Hi guys,

    I just bought ARMA 3 and believe it or not, the brand new DVD I received has a corrupt file on it. I brought it from ebay so I would like to try and repair it before sending it back.

    I am 100% sure it is the disc as my DVD drive is working fine, every other DVD I put in works flawlessly. Installing the game fails at around 50% and burning the DVD to an ISO also fails at 50%. Other games install/burn fine.

    I tried copying the files to my hard drive and found that the damaged file is '107411_depotcache_5.csd' which is about 1GB in size (every other file copies without issues).

    My question is, can I somehow repair the corrupt file?


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    Not likely unless its just a smudge or finger print on the DVD that can be wiped clean.
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    If there is a scratch across the top of the CDvd, it may be irrecoverable. If there is a scratch on the Bottom of the CDvd, you can buff it out, then copy the disk.

    Unless it is a Dual Layer DVD, the Top is actually a mirror that allows the 2nd layer laser to get to the data, and if there is a scratch on the top that breaks the Mirror, it will be the same thing.

    A regular CD or DVD, single layer, has DATA on the top side, the side you write on or has a label. So if it gets scratched hard, it will destroy the Data. My Hellboy Extended Edition DVD got damaged like that, I left it on Pause and the Laser drilled a hole right through the top layer, yo can see it if you hold the disk up to light. It was a cheap "Cobra" DVD player I got from radio Shack.

    For Bottom scratches you can use any good buffing compound, might have to use a powered buffer. They used to sell DVD and CD buffers/cleaners at Blockbuster that totally buffed the bottom of your Disk.
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Restoring corrupt data on a PC DVD
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