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Windows 8 going from connected to wifi to limited

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    Windows 8 going from connected to wifi to limited

    I just bought a brand new computer and i am having trouble getting it to STAY connected to the wifi. It has windows 8 which i am not to keen on, and also know veery little about. It connects fine but after anywhere from 5-30 minutes it will go to limited connectivity. After this i disconnect from the wifi network and reconnect and the process starts all over again. I have tried many things in the cmd prompt as those have solved others with this or similar problems but to no avail. Also i changed the power settings not not allow the adapter to turn off. any help would be appreciated, i am starting online college in 5 days and i need a reliable internet connection. Thanks

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    do you have access to the router logs? , see if anything is showing when your laptop switches to limited?
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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    Hi there
    sometimes one of these 4 common problems

    1) IP address - once there are too many allocated by the wi-fi system then you've had it.
    2) Other device (but NOT a computer - a disk music server or printer for example) using IP address that your computer wants. It's often quite difficult to see what device is currently logged on -- you'll need the router log to see that - your computer won't necessarily show these sorts of "Non computer network" devices -- don't forget smart phones etc.
    3) neighbouring wi-fi systems interfering with your signal
    4) wi-fi signal not strong enough.

    What I would do is logoff ALL computers / devices on your network, re-boot the router and start again.

    A Wi-Fi extender often solves weak signals or interference problems.

    Usually doing an ipconfig / reset all doesn't work although in theory it should.

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    Maybe it is switching to nearby WIFI networks automatically (If you have any network saved with key) ..
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    still working on it

    i have turned all devices off and reset the router. i have one other laptop that uses the same router as i am using but it works fine. stays connected and doesn't have issues. sometime when i run the troubleshooter for the connection it says "wifi does not have a valid ip configuration." the wifi signal should be strong enough since i am sitting right next to it most of the time. about 2 feet away. Im not to seasoned on routers so i am not sure how to access router logs or i would post that information as well. thanks for the replies!
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    I'm no tech guru but maybe check to see what your IP configuration is set to.

    Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network Connections
    Right click the connection and select 'Properties'
    Scroll down to 'Internet Protocol Version 4' and double click it.
    Is it set to 'Obtain an IP address automatically'?

    More than likely though the issue is being caused by your router.
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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    Sounds like an IP address conflict, I had this when I first installed 8.

    Log in to your Router and clone the MAC address from both the laptop and the PC, then assign each MAC address to a LAN IP that will be the same, for instance, PC will be and laptop will be

    If you lock in the LAN Ip's then they will no longer conflict, and both machines will stay connected.

    The other thing to do, would be to unplug the router for 10 seconds, then plug it back in and the addresses will reset for each machine.
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    Thank you everyone for the responses. Unfortunately i pulled a dumb dumb. i have been staying at my grandfathers and what i thought was a router was not a router it was actually a box that just had an internet light but is only connected to their home phone. they did actually HAVE a wireless router upstairs, shortly after i was incurring this problems all the computers on the network were unable to connect due to not having a valid ip address. after hours on the phone with the company who made the router they concluded that the router is toast and are sending us a new one. I will keep updated if the problem persists after i receive the new router. Thanks again
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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    Windows 8 Pro with Media Center/Windows 7

    Hah, when it a router not a router?

    I have VOIP on my Cable Box, cos I have phone service (That I never use), but I had to get it in order to be able to afford an HDTV bundle.
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Windows 8 going from connected to wifi to limited
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