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Lost Win8 Tablet - Any way to locate or erase remotely?

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    Lost Win8 Tablet - Any way to locate or erase remotely?

    I left my Dell Latitude 10 Tablet (Windows 8 x86) on the roof of my car ... and it wasn't there after returning from my short drive. =(

    I know with Android you can remotely install applications and even out of the box you can just find the GPS location by going to the google play website.

    Is there ANYTHING I can do now after the fact with Windows 8?
    Any way to remotely install, have microsoft track next time someone turns it on (since it's logged in via email address), or do anything?

    Best I've managed is to put a file on dropbox offering a reward if someone manages to turn it on.
    (Plus craigslist and some flyers).

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    Was your tablet connected to your companies Exchange server? If so, then your company can initiate a remote wipe.
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    Actually new DELLS have a way you can track the location of the laptop, but you MUST set it up in the BIOS, and it is a service you have to pay for. But once you do it, all you have to do is call the company and they'll totally disable the laptop remotely.

    If you have done this, call the service NOW.

    When the Laptop is new, you have the choice to turn the feature on, or shut it off, but the choice is Permanent, so yo have to decide that you want it, then you have to follow through if you activate it.
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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    It's called COMPUTRACE, it's a Lojack. Costs 90 bucks for 3 years of service:

    Absolute Software Computrace LoJack for Laptops Premium Edition - 3 Years : Software: Application & Download Software | Dell

    Let's hope you find your Laptop, and if you get it back, activate Computrace immediately, maybe something can be done even without the Software Bundle.

    Can you report this to your Homeowner's Insurance?
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Lost Win8 Tablet - Any way to locate or erase remotely?
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