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Lost Acer OEM Partition

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    There's always the old "if it ain't broke don't fix it" adage.

    I've never has a BIOS upgrade disaster, but I wouldn't do the upgrade unless I was having difficulties with the old version.

    As far as the battery, the same goes - I just put together a PC using an old motherboard that my daughter threw out as "broken" about 6 years ago, and the CMOS battery was still fine, and the two old Athlon 64 processors she thought were dead both worked too, after straightening a few pins. (The problem was the first memory bank socket was faulty.)

    As far as the rest, the choice is between you and the depth of your pockets. I'd rather have a spare old PC that still works, as well as my main machine, rather than a single PC bristling with performance, bells and whistles.

    I don't spend a lot on computers these days. My first 486 DX2 66 cost about 1,500, in 1993, and my most recent laptop in my specs, about 250, last year. The case that I used for the mobo I mentioned above, someone had thrown out with the trash.
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    Thanks much, guys. I am more assured to keep it and add the SSD, graphics card, and additional monitor.

    Simon, the RAM is maxed for this particular mobo, so there's no more upgrading there. If I get into something that needs page filing the new SSD will somewhat help out there. Yes?

    NT6? Are you referring to Vista, Server 2008, or neither?

    I'd like to experiment with a touch monitor, but they are a little pricey right now. I'll wait until the prices drop a little. My daughter got a new lappie recently and gave me her old Dell tower running XP that runs slower than molasses in the Arctic. Its got a decent Philips 180P 18" LCD Monitor, though, that I'll use in the meantime. Eventually I'll get something bigger.

    The BIOS I won't mess with it all then, for it's like you said, fafhrd, if it works don't fix it. Unless someone says different I don't see any advantage if it's an older BIOS anyway. Perhaps something with newer tech, but not old.

    Well then, I'm off to look for a SSD and a graphics card.

    I'll keep you posted on how things went with the old spinner.

    Thanks much again.
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Lost Acer OEM Partition
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