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Can't Access CD Drives/Virtual Drives

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    Can't Access CD Drives/Virtual Drives

    Been googling this for the last hour, and I still can't install a game via a virtual drive; keep getting "Windows cannot access specificed device, path, or file. You may not have appropriate permissions to access". Using Win8

    Checked the Cdrom registry key to see if it was disabled (it's not), and also checked gpedit to see if "prevent access to computer drives" was checked (it's not). Reinstalled daemon tools and deleted all virtual drives, unplugged cd drive cables, restarted, and reinstalled drivers, nothing. I'm at my wits end here.

    Fwiw, I get the same msg when double clicking my physical drive with a cd in it. It says it's working when I check device properties, and I can right click either the physical or vd's and hit "open", and I can see that all the files are there, so it's working obviously. Tried 2 separate restore points from a week ago, still nothing. Thanks in advance.

    P.S: tried wincdemu instead of daemon, and it didn't work. It created the virtual drive & brought up the loader, but when I click on the drive, it says access is denied. I then tried alcohol 120%, & didn't work either. I opened the iso from within alcohol, and inside the program it says the media is loaded onto the virtual drive, but no autoplay option pops up. Also, for both alcohol and wincdemu, there's no icon on the drive under my computer (with daemon, the virtual drive at least show the icon of the program I'm trying to run).

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    Try Disk management. t run it, type in disk management in the control panel search and click on Create and format hard drives under Admin. See if your CD and virtual drives show up there and have a drive letter.
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    They all show up, and they also all show the title of the program I loaded onto them next to the drive letter. Still can't access them, though. Thanks.
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    I managed to bypass this problem by using the virtual disc program here: Tools and utilities for Windows

    Still gonna need to reinstall windows at some point since my computer is obviously wonky.
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    Sometimes Optical Drives fall off the system bus, they power down and do not power back up when accessed like they should. Usually, restarting the machine fixes this.

    I just fixed a laptop where the guy had dropped it, his Optical drive stopped working. But eventually it came back up. After hibernating then restarting a few times, the Optical Drive was no longer there until I rebooted again.

    They are finicky that way, but I don't see how a Virtual Drive program can be affected.

    Instead of Daemon Tools, I use UltraISO and MagicDisc, Magicdisc for mounting more than 1 drive permanently, I have a set of 8 CDs I mount this way.

    I never had any trouble with the Windows 8 built in Virtual Drive
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Can't Access CD Drives/Virtual Drives
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