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8.1 Indexing Options

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    8.1 Indexing Options

    Anyone know what the top location here is? dp://{S-1-15-21-xxxxxx

    I get one for each signed on user but don't know what location it refers to. It wasn't there at 8.
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    I'm wondering if it's the skydrive URL
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    Perhaps - I thought about that. The S-1-5-21-xxxxxxx is my user I suppose. If I hover over it it says "This item is unavailable. Uncheck to stop finding items that used to be here". So I unchecked it and now it has gone - guess we'll never know. Odd though.
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    Hi, (1st post here)

    a follow-up about the mysterious "dp://{user-SID}/" apparently in error, under Indexed Locations in Windows 8.1.

    Digging a bit into the registry, it appears the DP:// protocol handler relates to the File History feature of the OS (a wild guess: dp stands for data protection). More specifically it links to various FhSearchPHLibrary keys/values that are provided by the fhsrchph.dll file (file history search protocol handler).

    This mysterious "faulty" location might not be so faulty after all, in spite of the misleading error message to be read under Indexed Locations...The File History feature indeed relies on the Search service e.g. to gather which files & libraries to backup. One level deeper, the "phantom" dp:// reference allows integration between both services: one can efficiently search for files and data within the File History snapshots.

    • The dp:// location gets created whenever the File History feature of Windows 8.1 is turned on.
    • The entry under Indexing Options > Indexed Locations is required by the File History feature as it relies on Windows Search services.
    • The misleading error message "This location is currently unavailable. Uncheck it to stop finding items that used to be here." might be safely ignored: one should probably not uncheck that location, as it may break some File History functionalities.
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    I just registered to say thank you Sho Shot. I was tearing my hair out trying to figure out what this is and I think you are correct. I am using both File History and Offline Files in Windows. Offline Files is at least generous enough to call itself "Offline Files". This seems to be the reason. I'm going to try and disable File History here in a little bit and see if it disappears. I'll report back afterwards...
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8.1 Indexing Options
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