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need help resizing metro ui/ start

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    need help resizing metro ui/ start

    I somehow made my start menu smaller as it now takes up 1/4 of the screen real estate. I've attached a picture to better illustrate what I mean. I just want it change it back to how it was.Click image for larger version

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    Asuka is not happy.

    Have you tried the scroll wheel zoom function on your mouse?

    Here is a video showing different methods of zooming.

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    control and mouse wheel did it for me , but it's wierd yours went to the top left...mine went into the middle of the screen.
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    Do you mean it stays that way. Maybe I have a different setup somewhere, but the suggestions so far are temporary. That is, on mine anyway, as soon as you activate/operate something, the screen changes back to normal size.
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    windows 8 bootcamp

    it seemed to have fixed it self, I'm exactly sure how it happened. I'm using a apple magic mouse and from what I can tell using the virtual scroll wheel doesn't do anything for me. glad it's working though, thanks for the help guys.
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    Hm, I'd like to GET my Start Screen smaller like that.

    You MAY have had the little "Minus" (-) sign at the lower right of the screen pressed, this brings the Start Screen into an Editing Mode, and that way you can move things around and add Titles to groups of tiles.

    It's different in 8.1, I like the way it is in 8.
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need help resizing metro ui/ start
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