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Btw, it's a laptop, so the mousepad/keyboard aren't wireless or however it is, but it's just a laptop. Thank you for the replies.
Is it possible you've picked up a virus? I'd do a virus check too.
Hi - I'm not sure if this will fix your problem or not, but I was cleaning my laptop screen and the keyboard as well, only to turn on the Lenovo G530 and have it act like I had no mouse. After some troubleshooting (& checking out some of the responses on this Forum), I realized that **my** problem was that I'd somehow managed to turn OFF the touch pad. So, once I re-enabled the touch pad/disabled it (as a test), my laptop cursor and touchpad both work fine.

Still trying to figure out how the touch pad got turned off in the first place when the machine was (what I thought was) completely off! Oh, well, maybe it'll work for you. I'm sorry that I don't know enough about your keyboard/machine to know if you can click one button to turn your "sensitive" (for those of you who mentioned that you have that), or not-as-sensitive touch pads, it maybe this simple! My 2 cents. Just tryin'... to help.