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Mouse/Cursor/Typing problem

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    I'm sorry that didn't work. I would suggest you contact Dell to fix it. It is still under warranty, correct?

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    Stupid Flashing screen

    I have a new Dell laptop I just purchased from Walmart this xmas. It has the same problem with cursor not staying on screen so I'm not able to type in SKYPE or Note pad. I also have Norton antivirus same as my desktop.

    So I decide to pull up the Task Manager and see if I can see anything, and all CPUs were zeros except Firefox which is the only thing I have running, which is fine. But when I scrolled down the page to see what System files were running the screen flashed and pulled the cursor back to the top of the page, I had to pull it back down to the bottom but again the screen flashed and the cursor went back to the top of the page again.

    So what is doing that? I believe this is why I can't have a steady cursor. Something has control of the cursor and won't leave it alone. You can tell the screen changes from blue frame to gray frame, it just constantly alternately flashes. Same thing on Firefox, I can see something is flashing behind the screen over and over again, from blue to gray over and over none stop.

    Is this a Dell problem or is this the Window 8 problem?

    Any ideas?
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    Wow, Dell send me a BIO update 3521A11 and that solved my problem. Thank you so much.
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    Hi! I just downgraded my HP Pavilion G4 notebook to windows 8.1 from 10. I had same problem originally when I upgraded from Windows 8. Didn't write down solution. No matter what program I'm in..seems to be worse, though, on internet..background text color changes to gray every few seconds. Cursor disappears or jumps to new spot while typing. I can't type anything this way. I refreshed my pc because of a different problem, which was fixed. I have checked for updatedouse & touchpad drivers, they're updated. I have checked Task manager, no problem
    I have checked for malware. I have none. Any ideas? I know I found solution on either this site or the Microsoft forums site, just don't remember what it was. It's something in the 8.1 system itself. Thanks for any help. I need to pay bills & can't even download my programs by internet right now.
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    First off, create a new thread even if you are having the same issue. Your computer brand is different, so likely meaning that everything about it is different. When you post in a thread like this where someone else is having the same issue, you often times just end up making it more confusing and difficult for people to not only help the OP, but you as well. Not being snide, just a friendly reminder.

    Now, someone else who posted here said that he was able to fix the problem with a BIOS update. Can you go to the HP website to see if there is a BIOS update for your machine? You will need to know more than Pavillion G4. There is likely more to that product model number. Go to HP's Website and search the support and drivers section with the full model number.
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    Strange fix but it worked

    I don't know how to keep this short but I'll try. Thank you for all the suggested fixes which I tried but none worked. Still, it is good to have this info. I bought a new Lenovo laptop last week. Everything worked fine even with my external SIIG wireless mouse until today when I installed some software to play .cda files (which still won't play). I uninstalled all of that software. Suddenly tonight the cursor decided to hop out of every window where I attempted to type. I didn't even have to have my hands on keyboard, mouse, or touchpad, the last two of which I alternately deactivated. At first these fixes seemed to work, but within a minute or so the cursor was back up to its old tricks. I got suspicious when I read the post about virus or malware possibilities. When watching the CPU usage under Processes in the Task Manager, I saw that McAfee kept popping up to the very top! I never wanted this program and am once again upset with myself for forgetting to uncheck the box where it is included with other downloads. As soon as I began to uninstall McAfee, the Windows Defender popped into play and I did a full scan. Before any of this was even finished, my cursor problem ended and the refresh rate seems to have straightened out. It is running a lot faster. Wow! How could this happen? I am using Windows 10 and apparently McAfee was causing a head on collision with it. I would like to hear other thoughts on this. It seems that the cursor's unwillingness to stay put has a variety of possible causes. I was able to type this entire post without the cursor getting lost once, plus it saved me a trip to Fry's.
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Mouse/Cursor/Typing problem
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