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    Windows Search Query

    Hi all,

    This might seem a silly question but is there anyway to still use the search feature in Windows without the need of the indexer?

    Its just the search indexer drains my computer!!!

    Many thanks

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    The answer is yes.
    Personally, I:
    1. unchecked "Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed...." on all hard drives in my PC
    2. Disabled "Windows Search" service. This service will from time to time rebuild the database index file Windows.edb under: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Search\Data\Applications\Windows
      and this file can be quite large. I see cases that its size can grow up to many, many GB's (20, 40 and up to 100GB) and when it grows too large, it will take a lot of system resource trying to rebuild the index and bring your PC to its knee..
    3. With Windows Search service disabled. I also Delete Windows.edb

    Having done that, I did not see any delayed performance when I do a search for a file or the delay is very negligible.
    In addition, I also use a small freeware from:
    Everything Search Engine if I have a need to search for a file in all drives. This freeware is small and fast.
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    If you are searching for text contained within a word document or pdf etc and you have lots it will be MUCH slower if you have not indexed the contents. This is because all of the documents will need to be paged in from disk and then individually scanned. If you have an index the information is already there.
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Windows Search Query
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