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Technet W8 enterprise - English or UK version ???

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    Hafnarfjörđur IS
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    Technet W8 enterprise - English or UK version ???

    Hi there
    I'm confused with the W8 x-64 Enterprise TechNet versions - there's an ENGLISH version and a UNITED KINGDOM version -- what's the difference. Anybody got any ideas --AFAIK the official language of the UK is still English so why the different versions. What do I need to download.


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    The Contemplator
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    There is no difference. It's just that the UK version is configured to use UK settings by default, rather than the US settings which we had in previous OSes (and which we had to manually change after installation and the creation of new User Accounts).
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    The English version will install in US English by default.

    The English version UK will install in UK English by default.
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    Well... My win 8 os came with both us and uk english. I think it will have the option to choose UK or US matter what version is yours.
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    There are possibly some language differences, I have no idea, but The "N" versions do not include Media Player. This problem began a while ago (I think with the early windows 7 release). MS lost a European lawsuit I seem to recall it was also a question of offering IE as an option, not built in
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    Quite a bit of difference , the gb language pack is a fair size. In practical terms, it doesn't matter. I normally use en-US.

    Some oem media might come with more than one, it will be bigger of course.
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    That's interesting, SIW2. Can you give any instances of the difference in spelling. As an Englishman, I have often wondered at the Microsoft insistence on American English as its standard. For example, in the "English", or UK version, how do they spell "personalise/personalize? Or is the difference only in the spelling correction in certain usage?
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    Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
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    I can't speak for English UK but I know if I select English (Canada) instead of English (United States) "some" of my keyboard keys will have the French letters instead of the English ones. The ones you use shift to access. I end up just using English US and then going into control panel and changing my location from United States to Canada.
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    No. I think that is a separate issue. I need two languages where I live, but the keyboard is of the local language (Danish) but also has all the normal English keys.
    I would visualise that a uk edition of the OS, would go further and actually have a few (hardly any, in fact) of the spellings different. But I think Dwarf's answer is the winner.
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Technet W8 enterprise - English or UK version ???
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