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Start up in Safety Mode ?

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    Start up in Safety Mode ?


    In W7 one could use the function key F8 during start up.

    In W8 one much go via PC-settings and so on till the screen where Safety Mode en other are visible...

    So far so good but once there i can't activivate the number 4 (Saftey mode) and after a while the PC starts-up normal.

    Is this probleem known?



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    Have you tried pressing F4 key?
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    No effect withe the F4 key

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    Try opening "Run", enter "msconfig", click "Boot" tab, tick "safeboot" and see whether it helps.
    Click image for larger version
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    Ritahubert,please do follow brummyfan's advice,its gonna work for sure and also get you familiar with msconfig too.I am doing it How to enable the F8 key to start Safe Mode in Windows 8 way and works just fine,the function will remain as an option during startup,no need to repeat msconfig steps.
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    Hi all,
    Thanks for the information.

    Saftey mode could be set via msconfig : didn't know (thanks and if necessary i can at least start it up as such)

    The question stays : why can't i activate it via PCsetting? i even have an impression that the keys aren't working ...neither the "enter key" to go immediately to the operating systeem
    Via PC setting there other important functions which i would like to activate.

    For the change to the F8 key i will have a further look tot it but i would like to know if you have the same problem via the PC settings.

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    Hello Proud....

    I exectue the activation of the F8 key as you proposed with success but:

    *I have an Acer and to activate the function keys i have to press FN+F8
    but nothing happened

    *i went back to the PC settings and i did receive an another layout were i should have been able to activate the safety mode via the keybord but i couldn't move the scroll keys.

    Conclusion: could it be that at that stage i have no access to the keyboard and that could explain why it doesn't work even via the PCSetting (when i try to force it via the enter key also no reaction and i have to wait for the time out)

    Meanwhile i did some further testing.
    *F2 works Always during start-up so the FN key is oke
    *after performing the update it sis working sometime as you described but the scoll keys don't work after the PC-setting...
    *after a reboot it isn't anymore ?

    Further help is welcome

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    The F8 function is still there, it's just that the timeout is extremely short and it's very difficult to hit it exactly (you have to get it right after the keyboard has been initialized, but before the OS starts loading). It might help to turn off fast boot as well, since this essentially uses the hibernation system (sort of a mini-hibernate) to save kernel state, but many BIOS's/EFI's don't allow the same keyboard prompts when working in hibernate mode.
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    Thats true,you have to be quick and hit that F8 key after the first boot-post screen and get this Click image for larger version ,notice on the upper right corner,this is Windows 8.You could always follow this
    excellent Safe Mode - Start Windows 8 in by admin Brink,i'm sure you will find it useful.
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    Hi all,
    -the time for using the F8 seems indeed to be very critical also with Fast Restart off and the correction on.

    -the technical information provided is very interesting.

    -i would prefer the method via the PC-setting as there are other interesting options but unfortuanally when hidding a key on my keybord there is no reaction (i am not using bitlocker).

    Can somebody confirm that this is working on your PC, so that i know that it isn't a general problem because than it is located on my PC
    I am using an Acer Aspire S7-391

    For the safe start-up i will use the proposed method via msconfig

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Start up in Safety Mode ?
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