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Thought I HAD changed Account Name but.....

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    Thought I HAD changed Account Name but.....


    A bit of a back story here. My sons 14 and 16 sold two dirt bikes to buy a 'gaming computer'. I've never even heard of the brand before. Sons could not figure out parts of the set-up and, how could their parents know ANYTHING helpful, called in their slacker cousin who is 27 years old. I mention his age because acting like a teenager himself he proceeded to set up this computer with the name...... wait for it......chickenlegs\HOMOS. Now this name has propagated itself all over our devices and I've set out to change it.
    However the \HOMOS is still everywhere! I've followed the directions to change the account name which is now 'sonandson' and the c:\users file to 'sonsinitials'. I created the secret Admin account, did the regedit. Was super proud of myself because I'll tell you, I find Win8 very hard to navigate and not at all intuitive. But today I see the name has gotten worse because it's now sonandson\HOMOS..................yes go ahead and laugh.........

    That \HOMOS is everywhere. We had a printer die and I put an old Lexmark one on this a.m. and updating the driver and such and trying to print I see it named the pc \HOMOS WTH? System summary has the sonandson\HOMOS and under system properties in User profiles I see sonandson\HOMOS (will not let me delete or edit here) however when I go to user accounts, it's no where to be found......sneaky thing......hiding from me!!!!
    Yet under the same System Properties the Computer Name is sonandson.sonsintitials.....Huh?

    Help Help Help. I'm not sure that I've even got my point across, but I'd gladly answer any questions to help shed a better light on my issue.

    Thanks in advance for any and all attempts at a fix for this


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    Sorry, but I think the initial administrator user folders, and their associated name, that are created on install are pretty much written in stone. The only way to totally eliminate it is a fresh install unless the 8 reset option does it. Haven't tried myself.

    BTW, the cousin sounds like a tool.
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Thought I HAD changed Account Name but.....
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