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Reboot time

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    Appelhülsen Germany
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    Windows 7 and Windows Developer Dual efi boot

    Quote Originally Posted by snowman View Post
    if i use the reboot tool it took 157 sec if i do it by hand it reboot in 45 sec.
    I am guessing the 45 seconds is from pressing the start button ? The reboot tool measures from when you click on it to reboot.
    The other method above will give you just the start time from Windows without the BIOS screens.
    45 seconds from pressing the button is pretty good

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    Appelhülsen Germany
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    Windows 7 and Windows Developer Dual efi boot

    Quote Originally Posted by mikedl View Post
    Not good for me. But, than, I have installed quite a few programs in Win8 (Office 2010, Display Fusion, Logitech Setpoint, Paint.Net and on and on).
    Windows has started up:
    Boot Duration : 99819ms (99 819 milliseconds = 1.66365 minutes)
    IsDegradation : false
    Incident Time (UTC) : ‎2011‎-‎10‎-‎20T01:12:21.992655100Z
    It seems a long time but when I think back, mine was never really faster albeit with Windows 7 This is where SSD's really make a huge difference.
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Reboot time
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