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I have a strange problem.

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    I have a strange problem.

    on my widnows 8 laptop, i have a weird problem. i recently got a HDMI screed that i am using for a second screen. I set it up (top right hand corner of screen > devices > second screen > extend). so thats all good. but, when i boot up, my screen doesn't turn on with the screen plugged in. so what i need to do is unplug the screen before i turn my laptop on, wait for it to start up, wait for the screen to dim, and the brighten up, then plug the screen in and it works fine.

    my boot up speed has slowed right down ever since i have set up my second screen also.

    im sorry if it doesnt make any sence, just ask me to clarify.

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    I'm not a two-monitor guy but the first thing I would try is to use that second monitor as my (single) primary monitor just to make sure it is working properly by itself. Good luck.
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    Usually any laptop with an HDMI output will default back to the original screen configuration on boot.

    You should be able to use the Fn key combo that changes your video output to make the image go to your HDMI monitor during Boot, you have to nit the key combo as it is booting up, usually it will ignite the HDMI. My Gateway did this, I had to press the hotkey to make it go to the external monitor.

    If this does not work with your laptop, then simply boot up normal and then plug the HDMI cable in after it is booted. But you may have to keep resetting the Scaling for the external monitor this way. All nVidia, ATI and Intel Video Control Panels have an easily found scaling feature.
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I have a strange problem.
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