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Force full shutdown of Win 8

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    for even a deeper understanding of hibernate, sleep, procedures involved, differences, performance info, then here is another link:
    Windows On/Off Transition Performance Analysis

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    Really, Karl, I can appreciate where MS is going with this.

    However, most people just want to shut their computer off and know it's off (I never shut mine off unless I'm re-booting and, even then, it's never actually shut off).

    I must admit I have been reticent in thanking you for the information so ... thanks!

    To be honest, most people are not nearly as geeky as am I and I do understand what you are presenting, however, most people, as I mentioned, just want to know their PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone (what have you) is off when they want to shut it off.

    Perhaps the better title of this thread would have been how MS is improving boot times?
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    True. The vast majority of users just want to shutdown and how, what, where, and when is of no consequence whereas a developer would like and need to be able to easily shut off the kernel hibernation during certain testing.

    A different title would certainly have been better.

    My hope is that some of the shutdown/boot procedures being used in Win 8 will make their way into Win 7.
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    Agreed, Karl. Let's hope that happens.

    I think Win7 is going to be around a while.

    Win8, so far, is certainly no panacea.
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    Agree. As said I think in ARS Technica, Window Everywhere is really Windows Nowhere.

    An operating system can no be all things to all people.

    Different user groups have different needs. If Win 8 designers continue to stick their heads in the sand, then that will be a god-send for all of the little guys who will come up a user-interface that meets the needs of some large groups of users.

    In any case, I predict Win 8 will be a disaster unless some major changes or major version differences are not created.
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    Hey thanks for this Karl I can see this may be important knowledge when it comes to certain types of problem solving.
    I do have one question tho, what happens if hibernation is turned off? Its probably a case of swings and roundabouts but I turn it off as I use a SSD having said that would I even notice the difference without this feature?

    Very interesting reading I now just have to dig deeper
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    Quote Originally Posted by karlsnooks View Post
    Win 8 hibernates the kernel session to speed-up boot times.

    To fully shutdown Win 8, see following:
    Shut Down Shortcut - Create in Windows 8
    Open a command prompt and enter shutdown /s /full
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    Fellas. I have a shared data partition for files I need to access from Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.10 in a dual-boot arrangement. The way Windows 8 is setup on initial installation, signing out and selecting shutdown does not actually power down the hibernates it. So, when I turn the computer back on and boot Ubuntu, I am unable to mount the shared partition because it has a hibernate file in the boot file that tells Ubuntu the partition is still mounted. I can remove this file in terminal in Ubuntu, then mount, but it is ridiculous to go through this each time I boot Linux. I followed these procedures with success when I initially set up the shared partition: I went into control panel with administrator priveleges, selected power. I then selected change what the power button does. Changed from hibernate to shutdown in the need ed areas. Then I clicked on chenge the available settings, scrolled down and turned off the enable fast boot option which tells Windows 8 to hibernate instead of shutting down completely.

    This proceedure worker perfectly for a week or so, but then for some reason, it reverted to a state in which Ubuntu cannot mount the shared partition because it's still mounted by Windows. I rechecked the afore outlined steps and the settings are as they should be. Either a Windows update has changes something or there is something I'm missing. I cannot even remove the hibernate flag from the boot loader in Unbuntu terminal as I could before.

    I understand that if I add the full switch to the shutdown.exe command (shutdown /s /full /t 0) I can force windows to power down completely every time I shut it down. But I don't know how to edit this command. Can someone please teach me how to add this switch to the shutdown.exe command?
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    Sometimes, the more things change ... the more they stay the same.
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Force full shutdown of Win 8
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