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Access Denied in accessing folders/files on external hdd

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    Access Denied in accessing folders/files on external hdd

    Hi guys, I have this annoying problem that just showed up recently since I've changed/upgraded laptops the past week.

    I can't seem to access or rather run the files on certain folders for my portable drive. I've already changed permissions and made myself owner for the files but it seems it won't accept it and it's giving me off an error still saying that access is denied.

    I've searched high and low on how to solve this but nothing seems to work.

    - I tried the registry trick to "Take Ownership" and it didn't work
    - Also tried various (advanced)security settings to allow/deny etc. No dice.

    **Last option would be to reformat my portable drive and then just recover the emails again, will the permissions/ownership reset if I try to format the drive? Since deleting them is out of the option since I don't have "permission" for those folders/files.

    Anybody else experienced this problem?

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    Can you provide a screenshot of Disk Management with the external/portable drive active please? Also, what is the make/model of you laptop and the portable drive?
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    When in the advanced security do you search for names, let the list pop up, and select the administrator account or your named account? Hard to explain as it is one of those things that has many layers to get through.

    Looks like this but a bitch to get to. Gives me a headache. Maybe Brink or someone else has a tutorial already.

    Click image for larger version
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    Click image for larger version
    The model of the Laptop is Acer V5-473PG and the portable drive is Toshiba Canvio usb3.0; the laptop before was a Toshiba Satellite M840 with Windows 7. I was able to trasnfer files file without problems in the past to other system.

    I did however cut and paste the files that were locked out. Maybe this was one of the reasons.


    I was able to do a workaround with the images below but the thing is, I have about 600GB or more that's locked out. I can unlock a file but it takes about 20-30 seconds each and it's really a hassle to do each file with the security settings. And I got tons of folders/files to unlock

    Click image for larger versionClick image for larger versionClick image for larger versionClick image for larger version
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    Do you have UAC turned on when taking ownership? , I found when I had this issue , I had to turn UAC on before doing the ownership change or it didn't work.

    I normally have UAC turned totally off.
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    I've already turned off UAC and restarted before I found the workaround. I'll try turning it *on and see if I can take ownership of the whole folder.
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    I don't see anything wrong with your disk management view for that external drive. I just wanted to make sure that it wasn't an old OS drive you were now trying to use in an external enclosure. However, I'm not surprised to see that it is a Toshiba Canvio. In fact, I have run across many who have issues when they try to move their Canvio portable drive between computers and the same goes for the WD Passports as well. Why? I have no idea but maybe it has something to do with the associated software. Anyway, I ran across one post where a user complains that he/she must always reformat their Canvio external drive before attempting to move it to another computer. Anyway, I see you are having some success with a workaround of sorts so I wish you the best of luck to that end. Cheers!
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    Does the Canvio drive have any prior protection on it, like Bitlocker or maybe something that comes with the drive?
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    Was able to gain access to folder on external - thank you

    I used to live in area with blazing fast fiber and no cap on upload/download. Had multiple HDD used for backups for past 15 years. Needed to downsize. Bought cloud space from Google. Installed Google Drive and began upload of almost a TB. Forced to keep chunking down upload because of various problems. Had to keep track of folders within folders. Took days to upload and in process lost a large amount of data. I'm retired (60+) and got confused about what I had and had not uploaded plus had multiple error messages during upload when drive would stop unexpectedly.
    Kept all important files in Google Drive on PC and synch selected files/folders at time of my choosing, rather than auto. Letting drive start automatically and auto-synch would virtually lock up my machine.
    Fast forward. Moved to rural location. Only ISP is via satellite at 1/10 of my previous speed. Low cap on data. Would synch to Google Cloud periodically after checking cap on data.
    During period between synch, PC malfunctioned. Not cost effective to repair. Purchased new PC. Windows 8.1. Put former HDD (Windows 7) in external drive casing and accessed. Could not get into Google Drive folder because of permissions. Contacted Goggle Drive support and was told they only support data in cloud storage. Person kept telling me that it was unwise to store data on external, etc. Her solution was for me to look in deleted folder and resynch. Clueless about my issue.
    I finally realized that Microsoft permissions is out of Google purview. Searched for solution. Found your site. Registered to see print screens. Followed directions - success. Was able to access important data. Thank you.
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Access Denied in accessing folders/files on external hdd
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