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Random PC lag throughout the day

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    Random PC lag throughout the day

    P8Z68V PROGEN3 Motherboard
    Intel 3700T Processor
    32gb Corsair RAM
    Corsair 160gb SSD hard drive
    Seagate 3tb SATA
    Western Digital 2tb External

    Windows 8
    Office 2013
    Adobe Creative Cloud
    Kaspersky Internet Security 2013

    I have over the last couple of months experienced annoying lag which happens at random stages of the day. It is not (or does not appear to be) triggered by any application in particular, and at times I could be playing games or just browse something on the net and it normally would start with my keyboard lagging (so as I type the words don't appear until after a couple of seconds) and I can hear my CPU fans are loading.

    I progressively started getting BSOD and at times my PC would just restart or restart through the night and I started to fiddle in the BIOS which caused even more issues.

    I reinstalled Windows a couple of weeks ago thinking it would help but the issue is back and it happens randomly a couple of times per day, for at least 20 - 30 minutes.

    Having Googled and gone through hundreds of similiar issues I ran Process Explorer and Process Monitor. Unfortunately due to my lack of understanding what to look out for I am unable to determine what the cause may be, but Process Monitor did give me a piece of info which I guess may be a good starting block.

    When the issue starts and I run Process Monitor for around a minute and stop, I can see that there is literally thousands of processes happening in a very short duration of time.

    One process which stands out is WUDFHost.exe which appears to do some sort of "scan" on what appears to be each file on my PC. The issue appears to be more prominent when it scans my external or 3gb internal drive.

    I cannot determine what it is doing so I cannot indicate if it's some indexing scan or possible a virus scan (which I have ruled out as Kasperky is not set to do automatic scans through the day).

    I am more than happy to provide you with any feedback, log or whatever you may need, but kindly ask if you could guide me as to what it is you need so that I can reply and give feedback on that.

    I have also read some people say I need to look for drivers but I don't know what app or program I can use which can identify which drivers may be outdated?

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    If you are getting BSODs on a fairly regular basis, I would post them in the BSOD section of this forum. Follow posting instructions and (hopefully) usasma (our resident BSOD guru) will make his rounds and provide some guidance from there. Good luck.

    Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions
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    I'm not getting BSOD's anymore, but did get a number of BSOD's prior to my reinstallation. I am beginning to wonder if the issue isn't perhaps one of my external hard drives or perhaps if the indexing database isn't too big?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nVee View Post
    I'm not getting BSOD's anymore, but did get a number of BSOD's prior to my reinstallation. I am beginning to wonder if the issue isn't perhaps one of my external hard drives or perhaps if the indexing database isn't too big?
    Well, those should be easy enough to isolate:

    Disconnect the external drive and see what happens.
    Turn off indexing. This is not needed unless you do frequent searches on a regular basis.

    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version
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Random PC lag throughout the day
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