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Really hard to explain need help!!

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    Really hard to explain need help!!

    I have had my windows 8 laptop for bout 2-3 months and ever since I brought it I have had troubles with my games and apps staying open.

    When I am playing games, not sure why but every now and then when I start moving the mouse around it minimizes the game and takes me back to the desktop.

    This can happen 15 times in a few minutes it is really frustrating and I have no idea what it is to turn it off.

    I know this is not a lot to go on but if some one knows anything can they please give me some insight I would like to play games without it flicking back to the desktop every 2 seconds.

    Any tips will be very helpful.

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    I have no idea what your problem might be, but perhaps someof the other members may. MY only suggestion is that since you have had it foronly short while, maybe the place where you bought it might have an answer.
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    Windows 8

    Thanks, have been in to talk to a rep where I brought it and all they could say was it is a windows 8 feature but no one knew how to turn it off!
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    Sometimes that happens to me too and one thing comes to mind. In the Control Panel under Mouse settings / Pointer options there is Snap To checkbox, if it's on turn it off or try the other way around. On the other hand, the mouse or it's driver might be making problems too, cables go bad and if it is wireless there could be some interference. All that under condition that there is some quirk in the game.
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    Are you using a mouse or trackpad? If the trackpad, you may be inadvertently sliding from off the edge of the pad onto the pad, activating one of the functions like the charms bar or whatever. This drove me nuts on my new win 8 laptop until I figured out what was going on.

    You can disable some or all of these slide-on gestures with settings, I now have all but the charms one deactivated. I don't remember exactly how it is done, google around to find the settings. You may also be able to disable them with settings in the trackpad driver.
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Really hard to explain need help!!
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