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How to change desktop taskbar time to date+time?

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    With a 40 monitor at 1920x1080 native, it's hard to explain how goofie and rediculous large icons look when the little ones are so razor sharp.

    It's hard to explain my complete indignation that in 23+ years of using Windows operating systems I still can't fit a date NEXT to the time, but am forced to double-down the already wasted taskbar space so that a small little date can be placed UNDER the time (of whatever length format) and I have 2 Feet and 4 inches (71cm) of empty space to the left of the timestamp. It's close to 90sq cm of empty taskbar; just sittin' there being blue.

    A perfectly clear little time stamp on the right [swing head to the left 40] - and see five little crystal clear pinned icons on the left.

    All that space. No date. Not without doubling it to 180sq cm of completely wasted screen space.

    And since I don't do Kafka, I have to move the mouse to hover over the time a few times a day to double confirm this GROUNDHOG DAY Windows environment date issue I live with.

    (I guess the obvious cheap-shot is that Linux Mint Cinnamon does it, and always has. I'm sure others do as well.)

    Words cannot explain. I had hope.

    I'm going to go drink.

    The horror. The horror.

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    Win8fait Here is a link Windows 8 - Tutorial Index to almost anything you think of trying in 8 and a lot more you didn't think of yet.
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    I only had the four questions, but thanks.
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    Yeah, with small icons it's going to look like that when you have the taskbar at the top or bottom of your screen. If you like, you might see how moving the taskbar to the left or right side of your screen instead looks to you. It will be able to show the full date and time with it on the side when still using small icons.
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    I've solved this problem. And in a much more Windows 8 kind of way.

    I auto-hide the taskbar completley, never to be seen again, and use Winkey-C to access date/time from anywhere. Easy peasy!
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    That'll work.

    If you like, you could use the Charms bar shortcut where you like to see the clock as well since it's essentially the same as pressing the + C keys when using the shortcut.

    Charms Bar Shortcut - Create in Windows 8
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    Would you want this ?

    Click image for larger version

    You can remove the windows clock.

    Timekeeper 12noon

    You can tweak clock stuff.
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How to change desktop taskbar time to date+time?
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