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Why can't we exit Metro/Tattoo with just the [Win] Key?

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    Why can't we exit Metro/Tattoo with just the [Win] Key?

    I'm fine starting up in the Metro View. Panels and purple are friggin' great. Oh yeah. I love Windows 8.

    But what is disproportionately annoying is that you HAVE to click on the [Desktop] panel with your mouse to get to the Desktop view that first time after a bootup. ???

    Once you've done that, just once, THEN the Win key will work seamlessly to toggle back and forth which is of course exactly how it should be.

    Is it some kind of security protocol? Maybe if you delete the [Desktop] panel entirely you don't have access to the desktop view, thus allowing for some kind of Admin configuration for limited use?

    Why? Is there a workaround? Is this a 8.1 thing and if I'd just shut-up the pain will go away in a couple months?

    Thanks for your time.

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    Hello Win8fait,

    By default, Windows 8 boots to the "Start" (metro) screen.

    The Windows key toggles between the "Start" screen and the last active app. Technically "Desktop" is an app in Windows 8. When Windows 8 first startups, there are no apps running, so that's why the Windows key doesn't toggle anything other than the "Start" screen. The Desktop app isn't running until after the first time you click on the Desktop's tile from the "Start" screen.

    If you like, the tutorial below can help show you how to quickly start the Desktop at startup.

    Hope this helps,
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    The desktop is an app...

    Wow. The desktop is not "the OS" anymore. Okay. Now I see. Makes perfect sense now; how you have to hit it once before you can toggle back and forth to it.

    Thank you for kindly resolving this itty conundrum for me!
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    You're most welcome.
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    If the Desktop tile is the top left tile on the start screen, the <enter> key will take you straight to the desktop in my experience. I think it is the same in Windows 8.1 as in 8.0.
    Last edited by Brink; 08 Sep 2013 at 21:14. Reason: added tutorial link posted above for more info
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    Dude... Bang on! Great find fafhrd!

    It's all about keystrokes-only for speed!

    That will do nicely. Problem truly solved (vs. explained away.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by fafhrd View Post
    If the Desktop tile is the top left tile on the start screen, the <enter> key will take you straight to the desktop in my experience. I think it is the same in Windows 8.1 as in 8.0.
    Which is in the tutorial that Brink posted a link to above. The tutorial section of this website is a great read.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Win8fait View Post
    The desktop is an app...

    Wow. The desktop is not "the OS" anymore. Okay. Now I see. Makes perfect sense now; how you have to hit it once before you can toggle back and forth to it.

    Thank you for kindly resolving this itty conundrum for me!
    Hello Win8fait. Welcome to Windows EightForums.

    I'm glad you're enjoying the experience with 8. I found the Start Screen to be a breath of fresh air myself. Just a little bit more of a learning curve, though. You'll get there I'm sure.

    Good suggestions on how to get the desktop running for to toggle, although Brink is correct in that the WinKey toggles between the Start Screen and the last app or program screen that was being used/viewed. It's basically the same as Alt/Tab. Placing the tile as first and hitting <Enter> is a good one. Being a shortcut keyer and avoiding the mouse as much as possible, I open the Desktop with WinKey/D. You may like that. I keep the Desktop tile on the right side of my first column on the Start Screen only to sneak preview the Bing pic of the day via using Bing desktop. The pic changes daily as you may know.

    Technically the Desktop, which is being "treated" like an app so far as opening and closing is actually a portal to the Win32 side or Desktop UI of the OS. The Start Screen is the portal to the Modern/Metro side or Modern/Metro UI of the OS of which it so happens to boot to. Shawn's tute and 8.1 has options to boot to Desktop for those who want/like that.

    All in all, I like the Start Screen with the live tiles for them conveying personal info such as amount of new emails and from whom, upcoming Calendar appointments or events, Notes, news headlines, etc., even my NETFLIX app is conveying my info > all on one screen. I estimated it took me at least 7 to 10 minutes to obtain the info in 7 that I now gain in a matter of a minute. That to me is only one beauty of 8.

    Enough of my rambling. Again, welcome. It's good to have you aboard. Enjoy your stay.
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    It just keeps getting better and better on this Winkey thing.

    Now I can remove even the final Desktop panel, and just Winkey-D to get to the desktop the first time. When 8.1 comes out OEM I guess I can boot to the desktop view directly without even having to do that.

    Right now I have a completely empty desktop (hidden Recycle bin & taskbar.) I like the idea of Winkey-xxx (searching via the Start page) to access everything. As soon as I get quick accessing my quickstart apps, and somehow date-time info, I may get rid of the taskbar use altogether as well. A complete study in minimalism visually, and minimal keystrokes to actuate most all function.

    I think someday I may go for what you have described, with a perfectly personalized Start splash/welcome/ref., but right now I am REALLY digging more and more of nothingness (delivered via IMAX - 40 HDMI. Can't say enough about that tack. The Quad-core 8GB Ram works wonders too. Lenovo desktop.)

    Thank you for taking the time to reply to me.
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    You're quite welcome.

    Some call it the "Two-Headed Monster", but I call it the best of both worlds > the old and the new. 8.1 is even better for those who want to boot and use the Desktop. Even use All Apps instead of the Start Screen. All Apps is actually the replacement of the Start Menu, not the Start Screen. I'm not knocking that at all if that's what users want. It's all a matter of personal preference.

    Here's a thread I started while still dual booting with 7: The Real Quality Boot Time of 8 Verses 7

    I'm big on Modern/Metro Store apps. They weren't very good at first so far as options and quality, but with time they've gotten a lot better. Admittedly they take time to learn, but so does my new Office 2013 coming from 2000. I dare say that if one wants to truly learn the new system, one has to learn the Store apps.

    And who says that water and oil can't mix? While typing this I couldn't remember if it was "admittingly" or "admittedly", so I got the trusty new Store app called Sidebar Dictionary out and snapped it next to the Desktop. A screenshot below of Win32 Desktop IE10 while I'm typing and the Modern/Metro dictionary snapped to the right. And you should see this beauty. Highlight a word anywhere, click the dictionary, and it automatically looks it up. Sort of like an accelerator in IE.

    Attachment 27411

    And with that I'll post with Alt/S...
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Why can't we exit Metro/Tattoo with just the [Win] Key?
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