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Why can't we exit Metro/Tattoo with just the [Win] Key?

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    Portsmouth Hants
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    Even under Windows 7 and previous versions, right back to the very first Windows Desktop in Windows 95, the Explorer Desktop has been a "shell", in other words, an App. It is just the bit of the OS that you see and can interact with to run other Apps. In theory, you could use other Apps as your shell, like the Command console, or the Modern UI, but each has some limitations, and I believe that they all compliment each other. There's the beauty - you can use some or all of what's offered, and other developers can offer Apps to enhance your shell if you wish.

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    You're absolutely correct, fafhrd, and thanks for adding to this. Just trying to explain my own words how the new system works. All shells or programs/applications that run from and to use the kernel. A window or portal to run other programs or applications. Of course the kernel is running or managing the entire machine (components and peripherals) with preliminary instructions from the BIOS. At least that's the way I understand it.

    Admittedly I'm not as savvy as most members here. I'm not a professional in the field, although I've used computers heavily in my profession. Mostly Office (spreadsheets & databases) and estimating programs. Now nearing retirement I'm delving more into it.

    I would say in reality that I rate myself between the professional and the commoner. Lol! Just as a middle child of 12, I'm the go between the young and the old. Sometimes they just don't get along!

    I've heard said that variety is the spice of life and that's what I think 8 is offering. The old and the new. 8.1 has even more options to use either way. It depends on one's personal preference. Set it up the way one likes.

    Anywho, what will win out? Only the market knows for sure. I'm just sitting back, watching the river flow, and personally enjoying the experience.
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    Whoa – I can add something.... : )

    Windows 8 machines no longer use a “BIOS”. It's called UTF. (I think UTF-2.0 is UTFI.)

    Full disclosure: I purchased this new Windows 8 machine with the idea I could rat hole the pristine HD, and stick in an extra I already have and run Linux Mint 15 Cinnamon for a while. Lenovo has a solid UTFI (..BIOS) interface but I was not able to get Linux to run – due to the whole chip-UTFI “security” interplay between them to preclude root-kit malware.

    Ultimately, I wanted to dual boot – but from two completely different hard drives in the machine. I am still enamored by that vision – siloing the multi-personalities of a machine....

    I was upset, that seemingly, Windows was making all Winodws 8 certified manufactures engineer their machines such that only Windows 8 would run on them, so I took the machine back – with my little storm in a teacup righteous indignation. (MS openness is one of the only things so clearly better than Apple (yeah, and cost!)

    But the Linux forums inform me, after the fact, that it's just early days, and the various Linux distro developments and the UTFI development aren't quite in phase yet – but that it will come.

    So I went back and got the same machine. (Hehehehe) … because the HDMI-out is too compelling for me – and Quad-core 8GB RAM ain't too shabby either. Hence I am Win8FATE – but spelled with such obscurity and intrigue, that even the NSA could not decode the larger implications. (The decode key actually being Mercyful Fate – if you can figure that one out. [“Is That You, Melissa?”])

    But now … having drinketh from the Washtonian pool of purple – I'm all but certain I'll never look back.

    That said, I think Microsoft has been providing the NSA complete access to any Windows machine on earth since 1995. Just like how a corporate administrator has full desktop access and logging on every employee. That's the problem. The US-Mil/Gov manages the entire internet like it's own private business property – which actually makes sense since that's exactly what it was originally. But I have zero doubt that “malware” signatures exist in American anti-virus software that identifies everything from full on terrorist activity to medium level dissident activity – posibly like this very post.

    But we better not descend into the political. Not here. Much smaller dinner parties have been ruined over discussion of politics and OS religion.

    It was just a full disclosure thing.

    (Okay fine. Windows 8 is Melissa)
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    FYI, it's UEFI, not UTFI. Unified Extensible Firmware Interface.
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    Portsmouth Hants
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    Hang one one cotton picking minute UTFI???!

    These Four Letter Abbreviations (FLAs) are actually short for something and if they can be pronounced, can be further glorified with the title Acronym. UTFI is neither. 3/4 ain't good enuf.

    Good old BIOS, a FLA(cronym) is the Basic Input Output System and UEFI also a FLA(cronym) is the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface. Either of these simply introduces the hardware of the computer to the software of the OS.

    UTFI is unpronounceable, thus, is a FLA(bbreviation) Unisys Technology Forum of India? University of Texas Film Institute? UUSIMAA Type Foundry Incorporated? All nopes.

    Perhaps you are getting it mixed up with UTF-8?

    UTF-8 (UCS Transformation Format—8-bit)
    UCS -Universal Character Set
    Represents all the characters in the Unicode character set with backwards compatibility with ASCII
    American Standard Code for Information Interchange
    not to be confused with ANSI (American National Standards Institute)

    -but that's another story.

    Melissa is another word for Apis mellifera, or Melissa officinalis, the lemon balm. They rarely ruin dinner parties, as that distinction is given to the common European wasp or Vespula germanica.
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    Those rat bast***s took our BIOS. They deserve the slur.

    Win8 = Melissa =

    (But then, everyone knew that.)
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Why can't we exit Metro/Tattoo with just the [Win] Key?
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