The long version would have been: “How to combine [Apps] & [Settings] into one search result, via using just the Win key from the desktop?”

I'm seeing these are the shortcut keys from the desktop:

Win Key = … search Apps by default when typing in from the resultant Metro/Tattoo view. (Wrong-wrong-wrong – should be [Apps]+[Settings])
Win Key + Q = search Apps solo
Win Key + W = search Settings solo
Win Key + F = search Files solo

(Yeah – you asked that too, didn't you: Why not use Win-S for Settings? And why not use Win-A for Apps? Both keys are right there with the left hand and they don't currently do anything else...???)

But absolutely the default search for the Win key (when typing from the metro view) should be [Apps] + [Settings] combined. Any other opinion is just crazy talk. : ) You're either searching your computer functions, or you're searching your content. Right? And your computer function combined search should include favorites or any named shortcut you can think of - fully extensible. No? That's just how the mind works. That's how search should work too.

Or is this a well known Windows 8.1 thing and I'm late to the party?