I've been looking around trying to find the answer. For some reason I can no longer run ADUC (Active Directory Users and Computers[dsa.mmc]) as a different user. I was able to just fine for a long time until I just fired it up. I get a dialog that says "Network Error: Windows cannot access C:\Windows\system32\dsa.msc". I can run this just fine on my laptop which is pretty much an exact clone of my desktop(win8, domain joined, local admin).

I've got local admin on my workstation. I've got access to ADUC if I run as my domain user account. I've got access to ADUC if I run it as an administrator. I can run other exe's on my machine as different users. Just not dsa.msc\mmc.msc. I need to run this as a different user that has OU admin rights to make changes to user accounts.

Also, my domain admin credentials have local admin rights on this machine as well.

Any ideas?