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Desktop Icons Appear After Hiding When Restarted

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    Desktop Icons Appear After Hiding When Restarted

    I'm encountering a strange problem with my desktop. I've set the icons to be hidden but whenever I restart/log off my system, the icons come back on. The options "Auto arrange icons" and "Align icons to grid" are also disabled when this happens.

    I've attached images if it would be of any use.

    Click image for larger version<- Before restarting

    Click image for larger version<- After Restarting


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    Me Too

    Well Xian it appears as if only you and I have this problem - and I can't help you. A reasonable person would think that this issue would have been resolved in a year... but NO.

    There is a lot of information, seemingly, on the WWW about this, but not one solution has been presented. There is the usual bogus "you have a virus", or "you need to redo your icon cache" etc. but neither these nor any other answer is really an answer.

    So here we are, Martians. At lease there are two of us. Glad to meet you.

    p.s. You didn't happen to resolve the issue on purpose, did you? I say on purpose because if the issue resolved itself, that. doesn't. help. me.

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    You might try Auto hide the icons, just be careful that you do not download a lot of junk with it.
    AutoHideDesktopIcons 2.67 Auto Hide Desktop Icons Portable Win-App.
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    This is not something I want or will do. This is a work-a-round. I want this computer to work correctly. The slugs at microsoft need to fix this, not a 3rd party. It is doing what it is NOT designed to do and I want it to perform as it WAS designed to do. It is just sloppy coding.

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    I don't think it's sloppy coding. I believe you have something installed that is causing the problem.

    Try booting to Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking. See how it works there. If okay then my guess is correct. You can then use Clean Boot to diagnose the problem and resolve it.

    Troubleshoot Problem with Clean Boot in Windows 8
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Desktop Icons Appear After Hiding When Restarted
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