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Windows 8 randomly reboots with clean desktop

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    Windows 8 randomly reboots with clean desktop

    So, my problem is simple and doesn't even cause me a lot of troubles, however, it still kind of worries me, so I'll be needing some help from here.

    So, when you boot up your computer and log in to your Windows 8, you'll usually see your typical start screen full of icons, like mine.
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    Yeah, with your wallpapers, shortcuts and everything, that's fine, yatta yatta.

    Here's my problem, it was only happening once per 10-15 log in to Windows 8, but now it's happening more frequently, when I key in my passcode and the loading begins, it changes to 'Preparing Windows...' instead of just the normal 'logging in...' or whatever, then the desktop turns blue and it literally reset everything. Like so.
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    There, all the icons, the shortcuts, all gone, the wallpaper change to some default ones, in fact, windows 8 itself sort of became some default state, with only internet explorer and recycling bin icons left etc. My files are still in the computer, in fact, if I log out and log back in it'll change it back to what it is before.

    Is it only happening to me? Is there anything to be worried about here? Is there a solution to all this random reboots?

    If it's any help, I live in Singapore and I purchased Win8 online.
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    You, my friend have gotten the dreaded "Temporary Profile" syndrome. I'm sorry to welcome you to Windows 8 Forums with this, but this is a major problem,. There is a fix for it though.

    If you see "PREPARING windows" like that, its making and loading a temporary profile. I found a fix with great pains:

    System loads "Temporary Profile"

    Go through that, you have to log i using your Admin account, to SAFE MODE. The Problem goes all the way back to VISTA, and maybe even XP.

    Use this tutorial, it will work, trust me.

    User Profile Error - Logged on with a Temporary Profile
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Windows 8 randomly reboots with clean desktop
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