Hi all,

I hope you can help with some suggestions with my Media Center PC.

I use Windows 8 Media Center to record TV via Ceton Cable Card tuner. I have it connected to my 50" plasma via HDMI output on the mobo. My setup was flawless with Win7 and rarely gave me issues besides an occasional HDMI handshake issue between my PC output, AVR and TV.

Since upgrading to Win 8 I've had issues with screen flickering at first and it worked its way up to freezing in the middle of the night (about 3-4 hours after last use). Now it seems if I leave the system idle without touching anything for a few minutes it will lock up. I have to hard reset every time it does this. My current options are to leave the system in live TV mode running all day or to hard reset the PC every time I want to watch something. The first option is a waste of energy/TV life, and the latter means I cannot record anything which is not making for a happy family.

ASRock FM2A85X
AMD A10 6800k APU
Corsair XMS 8GB DDR3 RAM
No video card (use the APU for video to my TV for media center only)
450W power supply
Ceton InfiniTV 4 cable card tuner
Windows 8 Pro with Media Center Pack
Logitech mini dinuovo keyboard
Media center remote
No overclocking
No gaming
No heat issues (never goes over 35 degC)

The only programs installed that are not stock to Win8 are:
- Shark codecs (32 & 64 bit versions)
- Plex Media Center/Server

Things I've tried:
- turning all power saving options off (no sleep, no hibernating, no hard disk sleep, etc)
- disabled dynamic tick
- updated all drivers from ASRock website (not using any beta drivers)

Thanks in advance.