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My Stand On Windows 8 DP Day 2

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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    Hi all
    Touch screens are not the "Bees Knees" in every case .

    For example if you sometimes have to work with physically handicapped people who only have fairly limited arm movement then Touch screens are an abomination - but there is no doubt that a lot of these people will like the simplicity of Metro style apps if these can be made more available straight from startup on to their own particular startup screen.

    In any case imagine working on a fairly crowded place like a train and having to compose a complicated document -- give me a proper keyboard any day.

    Touch screens IMO are really meant for things like smart phones or public applications such as purchasing tickets from machines in Railway stations etc or getting cash from ATM's.

    I can't actually see any need for things like a touch monitor in a Home environment. - In any case who wants smeery fingers all over a nice clean monitor too !!


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    Jimbo you are absolutely right. I tried a big touch screen at BestBuy. After 5 minutes I had cramps in my arm. I already get cramps from a mouse. That's why I use a keyboard with a trackball where I can rest my hands on the desk.
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    I'm not going to disagree with either of you two. (jimbo & whs)

    I would have a touch screen right now if the cost per inch on a touch screen didn't supersede that of a non-touch screen.

    Other reasons for not owning one yet include, glitches. I put up with enough of them on my smart phone. Why do I want glitches on my computer that could affect critical decisions.

    (That'll be the day when I see two buttons, "Blow up Earth" and "Give it 100 more years", I hit Give it more years and a glitch causes Blow up earth to be selected.)
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    Touchscreens like most things have it's use and target audience. Their common purpose is to eliminate the use of keyboard and mouse, which in technology world is a step forward (not back). To some an ipad for example may be little more than an electronic book, for others it's a portable personal computer. That said i am neutral to touchscreen technology.
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    Yeh, I don't think touchin the monitor on a desktop is the way to go. I don't need one, but I may be tempted to spring for a tablet when they offer somethin cheap
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    No tablet for me.

    You know, I withdraw on having one netbook, I think I'll have two of them, and a desktop and a full sized laptop.
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    To think I get on the kids FOR touching the monitor
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    You know, they say touch screens are excellent tools for youngsters, I for one will have that part of my parenting.
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    Wait till you see what a monitor/tv/glass/keyboard/mouse looks like AFTER they have been touching it...
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    Oh that's what they make cleaners for. I'm such a neat freak, I'm not worried.
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My Stand On Windows 8 DP Day 2
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