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How much room needed on cd for burning favorites/bookmarks

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    How much room needed on cd for burning favorites/bookmarks

    I burned about 400kb's worth of favorites onto new blank cd. But when I then check to see just how much of the cd was used up, it says 29mb's. How can that be if the 400kb's of favorites is less than one-half of one mb? I wrongly put this question in the browsers and mail forum. Had one answer, sounded like they meant a certain minimum amount is always used up before you burn your stuff...I think. Or does it indicate I burned them incorrectly?

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    You're previous thread asking this question was moved to the browsers & mail section. Here is the answer i provided from your previous thread:

    A quote from another site detailing cd data storage: "For discs written with computer data the logical format used also consumes space available for user information. For example, the overhead for the first session of a multisession disc consumes 22 MB of space and each subsequent session thereafter uses 13 MB. And in the case of CD-RW discs which are formatted for random packet-writing, usable capacity is reduced by roughly 23%"
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How much room needed on cd for burning favorites/bookmarks
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