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Windows 8 surrogate-sound problem

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    Portsmouth Hants
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    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center

    Thanks for updating the details. Your English is infinitely better than my Czech!

    The sound is spurious and happens at random intervals, not just when watching videos. So the "surrogate" thing is possibly or probably just a coincidence - it is a normal Windows process anyway.

    It's a gaming machine by the look of it are you overclocked in any way?

    If It were my machine, I would open the case and check that all connections and memory etc., were properly seated, just in case it is a loose connection.

    There is a feature on the motherboard:
    GIGABYTE On/Off Charge technology is revised and upgraded on all GIGABYTE 8 Series motherboards, with comprehensive and enhanced charging support for a broad range of devices that include those that run both iOS and Android. Users can enjoy fast AC charging over USB on mobile devices, even when the PC is turned off.

    Is anything connected that could be charging, like a phone, camera or mp3 player - could this be the source of your noises?

    The commonest problem sources of odd noises to full crashes are drivers, and the most immediate culprits might be the one for the Realtek ALC898 on-board sound - and one for your Sapphire HD7970 Vapor-X 3GB Graphics card. Anything USB related too, from card readers to webcams could be part of the problem.

    Checkout the Device Manager for devices with warnings, too

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    Czech Republic
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    Windows 8 64b

    Yes it is for gaming. I am not overclocked, I built this PC 2 month ago and in this time it deals whith any game in full details. So there is no need for this yet. But in the future...

    I am in work now, but of course I will make sure myself that all connections are seated properly. But I think they are.

    Nope, I haveīt connected anything except mouse, keyboard, monitor and sound system. No webcam, no cardreader, no microphone.
    Graphic card is out of suspicion. I had it in reclaim proceeding last month. PC worked on MBīs integrated graphic card and there wasnīt any change in my problem.

    Device Manager shows still the same, it shows some problem in graphic card section. Under my Radeon is something called "basic graphic adapter Microsoft" with bad drivers and in network section is something wrong too..... I am afraid I canīt translate it properly.... some bus and sequencer stuff
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    Portsmouth Hants
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    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center

    The "basic graphic adapter Microsoft" seems to mean that the ATI Radeon Sapphire drivers are not being used - just the basic Microsoft drivers. You should get the drivers updated from the ATI Radeon Sapphire site.

    The Network drivers for your board are Intel, I think - you should get them from the Gigabyte motherboard website.

    Post your Device manager screenshot after you have done the downloads and installed them, if there are still difficulties.
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Windows 8 surrogate-sound problem
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