I recently had to do a system refresh on my pc. When it does this it deletes any program that did not originally come with Windows 8 on the computer. So I figured fine, I'll just re-install all my programs. But, the problem is that some programs I try and re-install fail and they all give me similar notifications like dll file not found or some things having to do with the registry. I am also attempting to re-install drivers for hardware I use such as my hd pvr but it always fails. Even off the installation disc. I tried downloading the driver of the web and installing that way but it still doesn't work. Whether I'm installing a program or a driver from scratch with no visible remnants of it being on my computer before the system refresh, I always get a failure message saying it couldn't find a file or a location.

I know this had to have happened because of the system refresh because I have never had these problems before.
So here are some questions.

1. (obviously) how do I fix this?

2. Is this only happening with certain programs and drivers that I had before the refresh? (meaning that if I install a program I have never had before, will it not encounter these problems? And is there some remnant or effect of the program that windows did not get rid of during the refresh causing confusion with re-installation?)

3. Or is it some setting that got screwed up that I have to deal with.

I know all of these issues have to do with a similar problem. There is no way that coincidentally these programs are having issues installing because of there own specific problems.

Just in case, the computer I have is an ASUS desktop pc
Feel free to ask me for more information on the problem.