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Disk 2 not seen under my computer but is in Disk Managemen

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    Windows 8 pro 64 bit

    Disk 2 not seen under my computer but is in Disk Managemen

    Thanks in advance for help.

    I originally built my computer with two 1 TB hdd as RAID1 with Windows 8 Pro 64 Bit as the OS.

    The boot files eventually became corrupted. I could not reinstall Windows 8 on the RAID 1 array. So I then purchased two 2 TB HDD and created a new RAID 1 array which Windows 8 readily loaded onto.

    I then added the two original 1 TB HDD to the computed to use for photography and media storage. They also showed when booting my computer as a separate RAID 1 array, but were listed as "repair." I went into the RAID BIOS and separated the array. I connected only one of the 1 TB HDD, and the drive was the "E" Drive in my computer, but I was unable to access it. "E\: is not accessible. Access is denied." Disk Management showed the drive as DISK 1, but as two partitions: System Reserved 350 MB NTFS Healthy (Active, Primary Partition) and 931.17 GB NTFS Healthy (Primary Partition). I used Diskpart to create a Primary partition and format the disk. That HDD now works fine. Unfortunately I did not backup the data on that HDD, which I would like to have.

    I did try the second mirrowed 1 TB HDD on the computer before formatting the first and was able to access all of the data on the HDD.

    Now after formatting the first 1 TB HDD, I added the second 1 TB HDD from the original RAID 1 array back onto the computer, wanting to retrieve the data on it. This HDD does not show on My computer and is not assigned a drive letter. However the HDD is listed in Disk Management as DISK 2 and partitioned into System Reserved 350 MB NTFS Healthy ( active, Primary Partition) and 931.17 GB NTFS Healthy (Primary Partition). Can you assist me in retrieving the data on this disk, copying it to another HDD, and then creating one partition on this HDD? I do not know how to assign the HDD a drive letter. I would like to format this HDD after copying the data, and have my computer assign it a drive letter so that I can use it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You need to put it back into it's original environment in order to retrieve anything from it.

    You CAN use the 2nd mirrored disk to set the 1st one back into working order. But for that to work it has to be on the actual system you made the array with, there is an F4 key that brings up a repair console for the array. Once you retrieve it, copy the data out, then you can do what you want with the disks. You have to set your SATA to RAID on the MB.

    With Windows Storage Spaces, RAID is not being used that much.
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    Try This:

    1. Go to cmd
    2. type diskpart
    3.type list volume, you will see now the lists of the disks the disk you want to assign. .ex. select volume 1 or 2
    5. type assign (the name of the disk you want to assign) ex. assign letter h
    6. then its done, you will now see the disk in my computer. .
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Disk 2 not seen under my computer but is in Disk Managemen
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