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Automatically start Win8 w/ Explorer set at High priority

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    Automatically start Win8 w/ Explorer set at High priority

    Hello all!
    Bit of a situation here. I need to start Windows 8 with the Shell and any Explorer.exe processes that may be spawned at a High priority. Is the shell still set in the registry? Maybe I could add a /high to the parameter for the shell? Any time the scanner is used the taskbar becomes completely unresponsive for minutes on end.


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    What scanner? This is a really bad idea, so knowing what product is causing the problem would be a better way to fix it. If the shell becomes unresponsive when something is running, that would mean it's running in the context of the Explorer.exe process on it's user interface thread, or it's holding a lock to something that Explorer.exe needs to update the taskbar. Neither are good dev practice, so what program actually causes this? That's what you should fix, not make a global change to the shell to make it able to pre-empt other processes (including Windows itself).
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    Thanks for the response. I did some more digging around and ScanSnap through the scanning process uses 3 different processes. Also, activity on Explorer.exe maxes out (50% on dualcore). Disk activity is not much seems to be all CPU. This is where that bottleneck comes in. Before it would just be really terrible minutes on end without access and impatient users.

    I found a tool called Process Lasso: Process Lasso - Automate and optimize process priorities, CPU affinities, power profiles, and more!

    It does exactly what I need. Although in its default config it did help a bit, I was able to reduce the time needed to wait for explorer to become responsive again to under 20secs. Before it was minutes so its great. For explorer.exe it runs in the High for both Process and I/O priorities. I also set the scanner stuff a level lower. I explained it to the user now all is good. Thanks!
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Automatically start Win8 w/ Explorer set at High priority
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