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Where do I find Windows Media Player for Win 8

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    Where do I find Windows Media Player for Win 8

    I just got my new Win 8 computer and going crazy trying to get the thing set-up..I'm not tech savy at all. I looked on the internet and was really confused. I just have plain Win 8, no pro. Then I notice about media player for N and NK. I have not a clue what that is all about..I'm an old lady just looking for plain Windows Media Player that's compatabile with my Win 8

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    Hello Sonjstar, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    Unless you have Windows RT, or an N or NK version of Windows 8, then you already have Windows Media Player located below.

    "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe"

    Compare Windows 8 Editions

    Hope this helps,
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    MWP is 'OK' , I do find VLC media player much better though.....and it's free.

    VideoLAN - VLC: Official site - Free multimedia solutions for all OS!
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    If I have Media Player on my Win 8 machine, how do I activate it because presently I do not have any sound. Is there a charge for activation?

    The tutorials are great, here in the forum. I was having problems with the PC going to sleep all the time and then needing to log in everytime it did. I used groups tutorial and solved
    that right away.

    Thanks Wullail for the site for the other media player. Mostly I just use media player to listen to You Tube and other sound on my computer.

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    Nothing there to activate, if it's there runs "out of the box". check your drivers for sound and if they are activating right devices.
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    Would you please explain how to do this. My knowledge is very limited when it comes to doing anything in Programs, and non existing in the Registry.
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    You have to find your MB or system manufacturer's specs and find what sound system it uses, go to their site and download and install right drivers for it. If you don't know how, post your MB and we'll find it for you. Usually drivers come with an .EXE file so all you have to do is to doubleclick on it and it will install.
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    if you don't see Media Player listed on the Start Screen right click on a blank empty spot and look for an "All Apps" option in the lower right corner of the screen. Click that and then see if Media Player is there. Once you find it you can right click it and pin it to the Start Screen. What sounds are missing? Are you trying to play a music file?
    Start Screen - Pin or Unpin App, Folder, or Drive in Windows 8
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    Thanks for showing me how to find the All Apps...Yes Windows Media player is there. I would like for a You Tube video to start playing when I open it. If I click on one I hear nothing at all. My computer is a Hwelette Packard and I noticed that I do have their DTS Audio, but I don't get any sounds from that either. I'm using 2 computers while I am answering and asking questions. I'm not very good at switching back and forth on Win 8. I'm using Win Xp for this forum, and then I go to the Win 8 computer to find the things you tell me to do. I have Windows Media Player open on my Win 8 computer and I noticed that the volume is set at 100%. Win 8 is very confusing to me, and I'm trying desperately to understand and operate.
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    That may be because you are using the Metro Internet Explorer, maybe a Flash Player issue? I ditch the Metro Internet Explorer for the desktop version. This isn't the way I do it but it might help. Switch view and see if youtube works.
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Where do I find Windows Media Player for Win 8
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