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Where do I find Windows Media Player for Win 8

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonjstar View Post
    Where would I look to see if it is muted?
    Your speaker icon in the notification area on the taskbar would have a red circle with a slash on it if it was muted.

    Click image for larger version
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    No my speaker volume is not muted.
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    I just opened an e-mail newsletter, and I clicked on a video clip they had, and I clicked the volume, and I notived that it is showing green, so the clip is playing and I can see, but no sound..Could something be blocking the sound..Maybe a setting some where..
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    sounds like driver sound device problem maybe , also try this right click on the sound icon by the clock and choose volume control options and make sure the all device currently playing sound is checked or speakers are set as a option ,if they are then check device manager for red or yellow ! or x on the sound device ,
    to get to[open] device manager go to start screen and type in ,devmgmt.msc
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    What is the brand and model of your computer?

    Is this a new laptop or desktop Windows 8 PC?

    If desktop, then how do you have the monitor connected? (ex: DVI, HDMI, VGA, etc.....)
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    I have solved the proglem..I'm ashamed to tell you that it was so simple, and it was the one thing that I had not thought of at all. I'm almost ashamed to tell you..It was the speaker...It was turned off. I picked up the speaker and felt something on the side, and I looked at it and saw that it was turned off..In another way I'm not sorry that I posted this question, because I did not know that I had a media player..I was told by everyone that Windows 8 did not have a Media Player..Thanks for proving them wrong..I also did not know how to find the apps either, so that is something else that I learned from this post. Please don't be upset with me, because I just an old woman trying to learn a new system, did not have the speaker turned on. THANK YOU all for taking your precious time trying to help me with my problem.
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    That's great news Sonjstar.

    Don't feel bad though. We have all done things like that. For example, I forgot to turn on the PSU switch when replacing an old PSU and was wondering why the PC would not turn on for a bit until I realized it a bit later. The simplest of things can get overlooked so easily since you usually think that you would have done that.
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    I would say just about everybody has done something like that at least once. If they tell you they haven't they are probably lying.

    Also I think most here would also agree that there is no such thing as a stupid question.

    Anyway its good to hear you got it working.
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    over the years ,to many time to remember ,lol

    because I did not know that I had a media player..I was told by everyone that Windows 8 did not have a Media Player.
    they were likely mistaken it with the fact that win8 does not come with Windows Media Center ,not player
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    I was going to ask about the speaker on/off button because I have been stuck by the same thing. Don't feel bad, you learned a good lesson...
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Where do I find Windows Media Player for Win 8
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