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Confused-- few Issues

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    Confused-- few Issues

    Now I love my XP more than ever. I am having lots of issues with Windows 8, and the best part is I have paid for it. Perhaps Microsoft wants me to make aware of its presence and its power over us lesser beings. Enough of my gripe, Can someone please help me with the following please please!!!

    • I am looking for this folder to use macros in Microsoft Office 2007 ( I am desperate to use the macros) c:\documents and settings\ Users \application data\microsoft\templates
    • I have always used Symantec's Winfax pro for my fax needs now it does not work with 8
    • I have used "Directory Monitor" to sync folders on different computers with the help of USB flash Drive

    I am not a such a tech savvy person, I think Microsoft should take people like me into consideration before making any changes to the program which were already being used. Any help, advice, guidance, suggestion etc will be greatly appreciated.

    Anil G

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    well Anilg, since you love XP, you can Always (again capital letter and i cannot alter this) go to XP again.

    It is like driving a car and getting back to a horse.

    As for Office 2007, i have that (Office 2007 Enterprise though), but the Macro's work on Windows 8.

    Winfax and Directory Monitor, well that is not the fault of MS, but the fault of those 3d party programs.

    I use Allsync to syncronise my computers directly, but the option to use USB is also available, in Windows 8 and WIndows 8.1 of course.

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    Thanks for your response.

    Visiting this forum has given me a respite. Dell would not help with the software issues even 8 unless they empty my pocket. While looking for help I stumbled on this forum and found it very interesting, that problems although do exist but with solutions.

    I get it, that it is a better OS than the previous one.

    My frustration is because I am facing obstacles with windows 8. I am not able to use the computer and it is very frustrating?

    You did say you have no issues, but can you elaborate how? that will be greatly appreciated.

    What is the software would you use if you wanted to use fax on Windows 8? I have the external modem attached to the machine?

    How do you use macro Windows office?

    Where I can find my c:\documents and settings\ Users \application data\microsoft\templates

    Waiting for your response
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    You will probably need to set "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" in the "View" tab of the "Folder Options" window.

    Try this folder:

    C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates

    If you can't find it there, try checking the 3 folders (Local, LocalLow & Roaming) in this location:

    C:\Users\<your username>\AppData
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    i use macro's as most of us i guess. Open a macro, record and go trough the motions. When done, close the macro.

    Sure i have issues with Win 8.1 as with Win 8, but not macro wise.

    My Email Merge program i bought does not support Office 2013 X64 on any Win8 (Easy Mail Merge for Microsoft® Outlook®).

    Xobni (i used the free version) same. Now that was a program that found anything in Outlook but one has to pay for the pro version on montly basis....

    For the rest no complains, but you have that with a new OS or Beta version.

    But as Always (again that A), there will be bugs in any program OS or Office.

    Since i do not use use a modem, i cannot answer you here. Fax via telephone line will be closed soon here. Everything via mail.


    Lehnerus already answered your other question.
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    Fax is a built-in feature of Windows, has been for years - it needs to be installed from Control Panel>Programs and Features, Turn Windows features on or off, Print and Document services, Windows Fax and Scan.
    Click image for larger version
    Fax should then appear as a printer in the print dialog of your application
    Click image for larger version

    When you print your document to this it needs a fax number to send it to, can set up lists of recipients and their numbers, and even cover sheets if required. Fax can also be set up to receive faxes, or schedule documents to be sent to multiple recipients etc. It can also be shared over a local network.
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Confused-- few Issues
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