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Screen going blank randomly

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    Pretty sure I've found what the cause of the problem was.

    Windows would do the "blank screen" thing without fail about 20 to 60 minutes after going afk.
    Once night I decided to leave my PC on through the night to finish a download. I closed Online Armor completely because I didn't want a black screen the next morning.

    The next morning, black screen. Rebooted and made sure Online Armor started up again. Checked Online Armor's log, checked Windows logs, but nothing seemed to reveal anything. However this confirmed that Online Armor isn't at fault, which is a great relief, as the HIPS defense is the most powerful form of defense a PC can have these days.

    A few days/weeks later I got sick of the black screen issues. I decided to upgrade my graphics driver. The only decent upgrade since Radeon 13.4 are the beta drivers, so I have no choice but to upgrade to a beta driver.

    After upgrading, I left my computer on all night. The next morning, no black screen. I left it on all day while I was afk at work. Come home. No black screen.

    So a big middle finger to Radeon driver 13.4 <- the cause of my woes for over half a year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aeed View Post
    Pretty sure I've found what the cause of the problem was.
    So a big middle finger to Radeon driver 13.4 <- the cause of my woes for over half a year.
    I'm using 13.11 BetaV8 and still having my screen randomly blink out during use. Though it (seems to have) solved the random lockups I was having after going to 8.1.

    I'll try BetaV9.2...
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    I'm glad you got it sorted, Aeed.

    I would stay away from any Beta drivers, ATI may be better than nVidia though: nVidia Betas ALWAYS fail, on my system, and pretty much fail for a lot of people here.
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Screen going blank randomly
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