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    Vista and Win7

    Quote Originally Posted by mikedl View Post
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    How if we met here: My Place Ppt Presentation

    Set to full screen and turn speakers on. It takes a couple of seconds to get started.
    Wolfgang, if I miss the boat and the bus, I'll swim there for that!
    Mike, It is certainly worth it. But I am a bad swimmer and need the toys to get me there.

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    Oh my! Wow! That's awesome! I'm happy I got to watch that. Great job.
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    I did one of the Windows 7 parties. It got a little testy, as House Party was late getting the party packs out. I think I got mine the day before the party was scheduled, but hard to complain too much as we got both 32 and 64 bit versions of 7 Ultimate free. I'd like to see them do it again, athough Im not sure 8 will have the buzz 7 did.
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    Windows 7 House Party/will there be a Windows 8

    I have read a couple of your post .......All I can say is The window 7 house Party ......was a party that people sign up for At house Party site or were invited to by Microsoft and out all those people the select couple 1000 people if not more to host a window 7 house party I know cause I was a host to the party as a host I receive windows 7 ultimate signature edition both 32bit 64bit to load soft ware on there computer invite people over to test it and talk about it and to do activity's that showed new features or cool new setting in this party pack you were given door prices to hand out party supply's puzzle and play cards some free software stuff zume passes was a lot of fun I even mad a cake with windows logo on it and a 7 it was fun ........

    Now that everyone kinda has a idea about it and what it was

    I really hope they do a house party I would love to host another party .......I have windows 8 developers preview on my pc as a dual boot it is awesome ...........My family and friend plus other people i show or invite to the party ended up buying computers with it or the disk it self ......................the windows 8 house party I really hope

    I know they will include the Windows 8 Os disk and other stuff if they do it .......But I wounder if they will include a Windows 8 tablet now that would be cool ......I only wounder because thats where the fun will be is introducing a whole new sided of it and thats where times are heading and it be nice show people that
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    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

    Had one, and was great getting Windows 7 Ultimate for free. So yes... count me in, and would love some information (if any) how to participate. Anyone know?
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    I want to host a Windows 8 House epic one!
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    lol I remember someone trying to setup media streaming for their party with WMP/WMC and could not get it done at all. So I told em to use Tversity instead. Now that's a classic.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate Signature Edition

    would be nice. I hosted one of the house parties for windows 7 and received a free copy of ultimate, some reusable shopping bags with one of the default wallpapers, a deck of cards and a few other items. So yeah I would do it again.
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    I also had one. A great time! Would do it again. Keep me informed.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate

    Definitely. I was part of the Windows 7 house party group. My party had a blast and I can tell you that every member purchased a version of windows 7 shortly after. I received a complimentary special edition of windows 7 ultimate
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Windows 8 House Party
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