>> you should find the files in a folder called something like:

C:\Users\{YourUserName}\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\FCPro\FCPro64

That's exactly correct

In my own defence, note that before I started this thread, I manually stepped down through

I then looked for "FcPro" among the other apps that I could see. I knew nothing about "VirtualStore".

Your Vista links were revealing. I think there's something distasteful in silently storing files in non-intuitive locations, or in allowing a user to make "illegal" modifications. I always said there would be trouble when Al Gore invented Windows.

Many of my applications allow me to specify a data location. That suits me perfectly, because I can specify a location under a single master location. For backups, I need to specify only the master path - rather than a dozen individual paths.

Once again - many thanks for your help