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Are computers outdating themselves in the long run?

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    I don't know if the problem is people - There seems to be an EVIL that infects people. They embrace it, and then they oppose all that is good in the world, in favour of religion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XweAponX View Post
    The same groups thats still think the world is flat, the apollo missions were faked, the government shoudl be changed into a CHURCH, and Sarah Palin or Mich-smell Bach-man should be president?
    I decided not to list any examples.
    I considered that would probably violate the forum rules.

    I was leaving job that to the imagination of the reader.
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    Computer improvements

    A combination between current chip technology and graphene:
    Graphene provides efficient electronics cooling

    PRESS RELEASE: A layer of graphene can reduce the working temperature in hotspots inside a processor by up to 25 percent which can significantly extend the working life of computers and other electronics. An international group of researchers, headed by Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, are the first in the world to show that graphene has a heat dissipating effect on silicon based electronics.
    Graphene provides efficient electronics cooling

    Another solution for the heat problem:
    Light Transistor: Efficient Transistor for Light Could Lead to Optical Computers

    July 8, 2013 Light can oscillate in different directions, as we can see in the 3D cinema: Each lens of the glasses only allows light of a particular oscillation direction to pass through. However, changing the polarization direction of light without a large part of it being lost is difficult. The TU Vienna has now managed this feat, using a type of light -- terahertz radiation -- that is of particular technological importance. An electrical field applied to an ultra-thin layer of material can turn the polarisation of the beam as required. This produces an efficient transistor for light that can be miniaturised and used to build optical computers.

    Light transistor: Efficient transistor for light could lead to optical computers
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    Hardware is just but a part of whole story. What about logic, a lot has to be done on that part. New algorithms and much more improved logic have to be perfected to be able to use all that different hardware.
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Are computers outdating themselves in the long run?
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