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Random Startup Lockups when Using Rapid Boot

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    Random Startup Lockups when Using Rapid Boot

    My hardware specs are available here:

    Blue Phantom | MegaGames

    By default Windows has Faster starting on

    My UEFI also has a rapid boot function which I set to on (But not ultra rapid which requires a GPT formatted HDD/SSD)

    However on two occassions this has caused the system to lock when attempting to start Windows. Both times it won't make it past the turning circles.

    Restarting, entering UEFI and disabling rapid boot allows Windows to get to the loading screen and then automatically system restore to an earlier time.

    Two sets of circumstances have set this chain of events off:

    1) Enabling hibernate - apparently my motherboard doesn't like it
    2) Using Memtest 3.50 (an older version no longer available) - This happened yesterday.
    I would suggest the memtest error is because:

    Windows stores bootfiles on the ram for fast startup
    3 Year old version of mem test starts up and tests ram, upsetting the boot files
    Windows fails to boot.

    that's just a hunch as to why it didn't work.

    Anyway, long story short I'm occasionally getting lockups and forced system restores to keep windows running whenever I have enabled rapid boot and circumstances are unusual.

    I can and have disabled rapid boot but I'd be interested to know what exactly might be causing the problem. Is it just an older incompatible version of memtest and a motherboard which doesn't like to hibernate or a bigger problem?

    Does anyone have any answers (I'm just throwing ideas around)

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    Consistent Failing to Boot after New Windows Updates


    I have had to system restore 3 or 4 times in the last 6 hours as Windows 8 refuses to boot after installing the latest updates from the last 4 days or so. I also tried installing Serviio 1.3 as well during the same time frame.

    I have unchecked all the current updates and have decided against installing them as they seem to be preventing Windows from booting.

    Pattern - "Restart to install updates"
    Restart locks on the start screen 3x
    "Windows is automatically repairing..." - Fails
    "Windows must restore settings to a previous time..." - Usually fails, sometimes succeeds
    Then I can get back into Windows.
    As soon as I install these updates, I won't get back into Windows until I system restore and my build won't remain stable unless I prevent Windows from installing these updates.

    What could be going on?

    They are quite big updates (totalling ~740mb and are all from within the last 4 days or so)

    I can give you a list of what they are if that helps?
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Random Startup Lockups when Using Rapid Boot
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