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Win 8 vs Win7

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    Windows 7 64bit

    Win 8 vs Win7

    I will like to ask if you notice any speed difference between windows 7 and windows 8.


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    My Windows 8 feels faster than my windows 7 but then it does not have a whole host of updates and patches like win7.......
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    Win 8 is faster in booting for sure. For me it has lower pings on the same network as win 7 and overall feels snappier.
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    Appelhülsen Germany
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    Windows 7 and Windows Developer Dual efi boot

    I get the impression that it is the same, but that may just be down to the SSD which makes even Windows Vista seem fast lol
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    Vista and Win7

    At this point one would be comparing apples and oranges. Most of our Win7 systems are very mature whilst the Win8 we use is just a skeleton.

    I remember Win7 Beta also being a lot faster than my Win7 today.
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    one thing that does cause concern is the "automatic maintenance" as it kicked in right in the middle of a 3d render and caused a whole host of cpu load issues "like it had a higher priority?" i hope they sort that.....

    but alpha release issues aside yes it's snappier
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    Can't be definate about Windows 8 untill it's actually released to the public. So far for me the boot up to logon screen is faster than W7.
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    One of the first things I noticed is the number of processes running, about 30 fewer in Win8DevPrvw.
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    Fresh installs will often start off with very few Processes. As you enable or installed programs these will build up. If you want to be amazed, installed Server 2008 R2, nothing is enabled by default and you only see 30 processes max.
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    Windows 8 Dev Preview x64

    I am seeing very good things from my current Windows 8 installation... I only hope that this keeps up through both the beta and the final release.
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Win 8 vs Win7
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