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    Ok let me rephrase, would you be able to select which OS to upgrade if you have a dual boot machine. And i mean two Windows OSs.

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    Windows 8, x64, DP8102 - Win7 Ultimate x64, Dual Boot

    Dunno, aem. We'll have to wait and see.

    Still, as I mentioned, I'll give it a go.
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    larana Junior Member

    This video times W7 vs W8 boot time -- But the guy is hiding behind the camera lol

    Windows 8 Boot Test - YouTube
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    Windows 7 64bit

    Quote Originally Posted by larana View Post
    This video times W7 vs W8 boot time -- But the guy is hiding behind the camera lol

    Windows 8 Boot Test - YouTube
    Windows 8 started 2 times faster than windows 7
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    Vista and Win7

    It does start fast, but from an SSD it does not make a big dent. Hard to be faster than 16 seconds. The improved boot time would certainly not be a reason for me to buy Win8.
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    In comparison, I was a lot faster yesterday than I am today.
    Must be by my not being bogged down with honey do's that must be done today.
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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    Hi there
    I've now installed a whole slew of stuff on a laptop running W8 x-64 such as the full office 2010 suite, the whole adobe CS5.5 suite including photoshop etc, VLC DVD player, MySQL / Appache /php net server, a music streaming application (Squeeze server) and vmware running 3 or 4 concurrent virtual machines (usually 1 XP, 1 W2003 server, 1 W2008 server) -- system performs flawlessly -- I've even adopted it as my main OS on a Sony VAIO laptop (core i5 processor and upped the memory to 8GB as it's cheap enough now --the Virtual machines eat RAM for Breakfast).

    Assuming decent HDD's W8 just flies currently -- of course as we get nearer to the BETA and eventually RTM there are bound to be changes -- hopefully in the way we can handle and arrange the metro apps -- but so far I'm very impressed.

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    Windows 8 is MUCH faster than Windows 7. and Vista. and Xp.
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    ...and don't forget us who had Vista......I can't keep up with this ole laptop now!! (But I won't replace Win7 on my main M/C till purchase time).
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    Windows 8 Pro/Windows 8 Pro/Windows 7 64 Bit64Bit/Windows XP

    I'm an old time Windows user, hence the name, I find it very good for an early beta, there are a few bugs but nothing too major, and I've got it running on a netbook, a dual core Atom home theatre system, and a 3ghz dual core desktop. I even like the Metro interface, and am looking forward to a slew of new apps, especially Angry Birds, lol.
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Win 8 vs Win7
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