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Reparing Disk Errors

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    Quote Originally Posted by XweAponX View Post
    But my "Fluff", and my reputation, speaks for itself.
    It certainly does and I couldn't have worded it any better myself.

    So, why don't you just step out of your comfort zone for once and provide a step by step procedure for your recommendation so the OP doesn't have to keep inquiring about "how to do what you have asked him to do?" In fact, I just gave you a 3 point rep to try and coax you into doing so but I guess that you are not up to the task. If not, then just keep on giving your generalized advice and if your reputation continues to improve using that method then go for it!

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    Hi guys, thanks a lot for the advice. I'm not much of a computer person so some of the stuff is going over my head but I will start looking into it. One thing though, the laptop is still under warranty, so I am more concerned about recovering my data then restoring the system. If the hard drive is irrecoverable then that's that and at least I can get the laptop replaced, but I don't want to do anything that may make it more difficult to recover my data. Most of the data was backed up, but there are some recent files that I would really like to recover. I'll only re-install the system if there is 0 chance my data is recoverable. Does that change your advice at all?
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    Ya that's the best way to do it, if you can't BOOT to Windows 8, once again, you can download Hiren's Boot CD - From the link below, and go into Mini-XP. From there you can browse your Windows 8 system drive and copy off any important data.

    Now I want to apologize for any posturing in here, the most important thing for me is to save that irrecoverable user data. That's why I always suggest checking the hard drive for Errors right off the bat. Hiren's is the best way to do this, because every OEM hard drive testing program is included.

    If you are worried the drive is on the edge of failure, then boot to Mini-XP right away and get that data backed up. THEN do the disk scan. Things to look out for, or rather listen for, are hard drive clicking. If it is doing this, it may be beyond recovery. So we have to find out asap.

    Also, Hiren's is my personal suggestion, not the board's, only because it has all of those OEM Disk Scanning programs on it, as well as Mini-XP which provides a way for you to access your system hard drive when you can't boot to the system. If you need any help burning it, you can download IMGburn, google it, and you can drop the ISO image right into it. That's only if you can't boot to Windows 8, which has a burning program built-in. You will need one regular sized CD-R.
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    Hi, and sorry for commenting in a kinda old post, but I'm really desperate and need help fixing this issue. Can anyone tell me how to run the GWscan for my hard drive? It's a WD 500gb, and it is giving me this same error. Thanks in advance.
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    I was once given a laptop about 2 years ago (that I use everyday now) that the owner thought was broken, because when you booted to Windows, it had every disk error corruption under the sun and seemed like a goner.

    This fixed it in a few short hours to be 100% perfectly stable ever since: HDD Regenerator - Dmitriy Primochenko Online

    Another good one is Gibson's Spinrite.

    Legendary Steve Gibson speaking very interestingly about hard drive technology, for those that may want to learn and are interested:
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    GWscan is very similar to WD's WDDiag. For a WD drive, I suggest using only those programs, no matter how great this new one may seem, until I try it it is an unknown quantity.

    Yo have to get the GWscan or WDdiag program onto a bootable medium, flash drive or CD rom.

    I use Hiren's Boot CD, because it is already on it, under "Dos Programs" and "Hard Drive Tools"

    In GWscan, the first test is a SMART scan. The 2nd test is a short drive scan, and this is where the status of the drive will be detected. Normally, you will be told here, that you need to run the FULL SCAN.

    If you run the full scan, it will take a bit over an hour. That should do it, it should fix any bad sectors.

    But if you get this error:

    "Too many errors to fix"

    THEN use ViVard. select the drive, and choose "Smart Remap" - It can rebuild the whole drive's MBR. ViVard is in Hard Drive Tools on the 1st page on Hiren's. Vivard WILL take over 4 hours to run regardless of PC speed, so make sure power is connected at all times. If you think you will ahve a power outage, then don't do it. There is always the risk, but it is worth it,. cos when ViVard works you have a perfect drive.

    I don't like saying to use Hiren's but I only suggest using these excellent hard drive repair tools - ONLY for HDD's never for SSD's.

    After GWscan or Vivard, either one, THEN you should use your Windows 8 Install Disk, boot to it, and do a CHKDSK from a command prompt, a full CHKDSK (/x /r switches)

    After that is done, then boot up to 8, see what happens usually you are fixed. If 8 tries it's Auto Repair, it will only run for a short time.
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    Thank you, XweAponX, I'll try and use the Boot CD and do as you said. Then, I'll come back and tell you my results! I do trust what you say, because it seems you know what you're talking about. And if this works, I'll surely find a way to thank you.
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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    You should not have used ViVard unless alll other tools failed, it is a last resort program, and I give it 50-50 chance of fixing any drive.

    Always use the MFGR tool FIRST, and run the FULL scan.

    You may want to CANCEL the ViVard Scan and go back to the regular tool.

    I made this point plain - ONLY if you get "too many errors to fix" - When you see THAT message, then you have exactly 50% chance of repairing it with ViVard. It will either work of fail.
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    Well I tried using GWscan first and it said "!! Missing file c:\...... !!", and then it continued and wrote a random file path on the screen withh no other response. So that is why I'm running ViVard. In my opinion if the drive was perfectly fine, it will most definitely repair it, i don't care about data loss, because al my info is on my removable drive.
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Reparing Disk Errors
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